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ADVAITA 2007- coalescence of intellect and technology.

ADVAITA 2007- coalescence of intellect and technology.

The 3rd National Level Tech Fest, organized by the students of Gandhi Institute of Engineering and Technology, Gunupur is a successful continuation of the small effort made by the GIET students in 2005. The success of this consortium of engineering students is made possible only by the eager student delegates and welcoming organizers, the competitive participants and interested and zealous audience. This year the platform is being prepared and dates drawn to 9th and 10th of March, 2007. It's about this time that the deepest avenue of the mind is explored and the ideas generated.......that's what we call the COALESCENCE OF INTELLECT AND TECHNOLOGY .

So, get ready to un-pack your talents and capacities and use them as your weapon to prove yourselves by competing in all those exiting events to be offered in the most awaited national level tech fest.

Apart from the technical junkyard there are hoards of games and events where you can test your survival skills and win for yourself many attractive prizes. Adding flavor to these would be cultural nights- another showcase of talents form GIET students, while you can enjoy giggling around the chit-chat stalls.

We therefore call upon all, inviting you wholeheartedly to come, participate and share a few moments with us- join us in an effort we want to make a success.

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Advaita '07

Advaita '07
Coalescence of Intellect & Technology
National Level Tech Fest
It is the national level tech fest of GIET, Gunupur, the college where I a, studying my B.Tech. The dates are 9th and 10th March, 2007. The website of this is: .

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A factory to keep Orkut more interesting!

A boy loses his girl friend in a train accident, but made a software (web 2.0 application, and after some year he able to find her. The software is Orkut, the most popular social networking site.

Now, people are getting addicted on Orkut. People love to scrap and many things such as writting testimonials etc. For getting good scraps and testimonials I have published a website, named as The Orkut Factory ( ) . Have a look there, I know you will like it.

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Pearl of Life :: A Pearl can change your Life

I have started a website named Pearl of Life ( ), You will get here some advice to make your life beautiful. Also you will find many jokes, saayaris, sms and many more. So have a visit.

One Hand of Help, one Word of Sympathy, one act of Humanity, one Mile of Charity, one look at a day can change one life.

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