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Connected Indians : A Movement to Connect all Indians

Intel launched a fresh campaign, better to say a movement to connect all Indians, called Connected Indians.

Can a billion Indians get connected?

The Connected Indians movement aims to be the catalyst for delivering the power of the Internet into the hands of a billion Indians. Intel is privileged to facilitate this effort, but its success will hinge on spirited public and private participation. Over the next few months we will mobilize people, resources & infrastructure to facilitate Internet adoption. Overtime, this collaboration will help build partnerships between people, Industries and stakeholders via a complete and connected ecosystem to accelerate the growth of internet and its benefits to the society.

There are so many companies partnered with Intel for this campaign.

If you want to be a part of this campaign, then please visit: Connected Indians.

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Red Green Yellow Blue

When I was in school I watched on news that the flag of Microsoft Windows was waving over the Microsoft building. It was looking nice, a flag with 4 colors: Red Green Yellow Blue. Later I came to know that this is the logo of Windows.

After some years, I came to know about Google. And its logo was so simple. Google written in Blue, Red, Yellow, Blue again, Green and Red again. Again those 4 colors as Windows.

Other Microsoft products has also similar color combination: Windows Media Player, Visual Studio, the .net logo.

Like wise other Google service and product such as Gmail and Google Chrome has similar color combination.

Sometimes I think, is this a formula to success! ;)

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jetAudio Information Viewer now shows Amazon Video on demand

Today when I opened jetAudio, it's information viewer opened. And unlike the google ads it was showing before(link), it showed something new. And this is Amazon Video on demand. It's a better idea to display Amazon Video on demand, as jetAudio is associated with audio and video. But the size of jetAudio Information Viewer is smaller than the web page which shows Amazon Video on demand and the resizing of that window is disabled. I think in the later version they will fix this; either they will increase the default size of window or enable resizing. However the first idea is better.

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Search results for neri - Orkut Search Error

I searched for the term "neri" on Orkut. And I got some results which I can't believe myself and I am clueless about this error. It lists me as the first result, followed by my friends and our hair color and eye color display as neri. After my friends it is listing other members. Please have a look at the snapshot.

I tested this for other terms, but all are working fine. I researched this term again and again, still I did not get any change in the result.

One request to all visitors: Please search for this term and post your comments here.

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MyHeritage Celebrity Look-alikes : Orkut Apps

Thanks to Madhuri, I found her added this application to her orkut profile. Do I need to say that the application is MyHeritage Celebrity Look-alikes?

Application info
With MyHeritage Celebrity Look-alikes you can discover your celeb twin amongst thousands of top celebrities using your Picasa photos or the photos on your disk. Post your celebrity match on your profile, see your friends’ celebrity look-alikes, and vote on the best matches of all time. makes it easier for people around the world to use the power of the Internet to strengthen their bonds with family and friends.

There is a flood of applications in orkut. After a long time I found this application useful and funny also. This application welcomes you with a page where you can vote some pair of matches (one person and a celebrity) with a meter numbered 1 to 10. There is a option to create your own matches. You can use photos already uploaded to your picasa album or upload from your system. Then it will scan your photos and detect your face. I like this part of the application. It does great. It also informs you honestly that it is unable to detect the face in some photos in case of low quality photos, face not towards the camera, eyes are not not open and sunglasses are on. You can't select the area on your photos. It's automatic face detection. Then it matches with celebrity photos as per your selected image. It shows you top 5 choices and the percentage of match it found. You have to choose one and this is open for other users to vote.

You can add as many as look alikes and delete this. And you can also vote for the look alikes created by you.

One problem I found with it is that some "look alikes" are coming most of the times to get a vote, whereas I have voted for them. This should come again and again. If I voted for some combination, then I should not able to vote it again.

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Evolution of Logos of Popular Companies

Have a look at the evolution of logos of some popular companies.



Firefox and Firebird/Phoenix










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Introducing the all-new CNET! - Where is the content?

CNET introduced its new user interface, with a great design and some features like, Improved search, Simplified navigation, Enlarged carousel, Popular topics, Podcasts and blogs, Inside CNET. But it made a mistake by placing a reference to its all-new features to the right of the main content of the page (article or post) and the content gets squeezed (see the picture bellow).

Where the main content got squeezed and the side bar contents get a lot more space unnecessarily.

It happened like this. I landed on the page and looking for the main contents and spent 10 minutes to confirm about the content, which I misjudged as some small tips like content, where that was the actual content I was looking for.

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Download Hindi Songs from Max New York Life!!!

Don't think the title is true. This may be a mistake. I found this an advertisement in my website. The ad is served by Google. And the header of the ad says Download Hindi Songs. In detail it is written "Invest today in Max New York life Smart investment Pension Plans. ". And the url displayed is: (full url is, which is not displaying fully due the size restriction.) This may be an error from Google or any other. But one question remains unsolved in my question: what the visitor will do? Will they click on seeing Download Hindi Songs, or they just laugh after reading the detail? What they will think, when they land on Max New York Life Pension Plan page? Ultimately they will loose their time, trust on Google ads, my website.

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Again... another Orkut Bug in Scrap Notification

Since many days, I stopped to post about bugs in orkut. But one bug is making me irritated since a week. So decided to post it here to recover from this irritation. Well the bug is related to new scrap notification. Previously I have noticed some other bugs in this module. But this bug is irritating and I wonder why this bug is still exist for a long time.

The bug is, when I open orkut, it notifies me the last scrap posted in a notice. When I will open my scrapbook, this notice should no longer to be displayed. But it keep displaying it several times for a long time. This is really irritating.

And now I noticed that, even after any new scrap being posted, while I am logged into orkut, the previous notice does not change and keeps irritating as always.

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A first hand Experience with Google Chrome

I heard that Google is launching its browser, which is made as per the need of today's web use. So I started searching and without visiting any result clicked on the google logo to go to its home page. There I found the link to download the browser.

Ahhh. It's just 475 KB, where as Mozilla Firefox 3.0.1 is 7.8 MB. But, when I opened ChromeSetup.exe, it started downloading the original package. And in my upto 256 kbps connection it took little more time. So I thought to sleep keep my system running. But before I leave it asked me whether I want to import all settings (cookies, home page, bookmarks, passwords etc.) from Firefox (it's my default browser). I choose yes and it showed me a warning that, I need to close firefox to import. (I don't know, this is for chrome or for firefox, to close while importing). I closed firefox and tried to continue. But I was getting the same message continuously for 10 times (I was counting). Then it imported successfully. There is no customized installation option. It installs all automatically into the default location as it do for GTalk. And then it did not respond for few seconds and started the much awaited Google Chrome.

Well first I like the tab positioning. They are over the title bar of the browser, which gives me some extra space vertically for my screen. It has most of the features which Firefox has. But the CSS rendering and the forms rendering is much like Safari. (Official Build 1583 consists Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.0; en-US) AppleWebKit/525.13 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/525.13, that's the reason.)

Let's discuss about its features.

  • Some features which you can find in Mozilla Firefox and other browsers like Opera and Safari. Those are: One box for everything, a new tab page, safe browsing, instant bookmarks, importing settings.
  • Here come all the best and unique features in Google Chrome: Application shortcuts, Crash control and Incognito mode.
  • I also like the way the files download in it.
To know more about the features of Google Chrome, please visit this (Click Here).

There is no menu bar in the chrome window, as found in normal applications. There is two icons to provide all the needs. A new tab welcomes you with the snaps shots of most visited sites, which makes you to surf faster with your frequently used websites. This is similar to Speed Dial of Opera or any similar addon of Firefox. The difference is in speed dial, you need to assign the websites to the numbers and you can use the key (mouse click is even faster) and here it's your most visited. Generally people will like to set the sites which they visit frequently and if any browser can do this automatically, then why do we need to set it manually? I got some problem with the snap shots being taken for this screen. I will post this soon.

For Developers
First I thought, this browser is good for normal users, but not for developers. I was wrong. I found something good, which can help the developers. View source, JavaScript debugger, JavaScript Console and Task manager are worthy. Task manager will give you enough information about memory and CPU usage by the browsers.

This much for now, I will update this later.

Why don't you try and use world's best browser Mozilla Firefox 3? Please download it here. Firefox 3

Update on 8th Sep., 2008
I was talking about the snapshot of most visited websites before. Let me focus on this. Some most visited websites such as Yahoo mail, Gmail redirects to another page. e.g. redirects to . redirects you to . Here chrome takes the snapshot of the first url which we type on the web and shows as most visited. Instead it can take the snapshot of latter and show the latter as most visited.

Who looses after launch of Google Chrome
Google chrome launched and took 1+% of uses share on the Internet. Then who loses this? That is a good browser, Mozilla Firefox. After Internet Explorer people use Mozilla Firefox. It has more than 22% of share.

Most of the IE users don't know what is a browser and there are so many good browsers, to have best web experience. They only know IE is something where they can visit any site. How can we expect that those people will use chrome?

Creating better competitive browsers can develop our technology and the advanced users of Internet will be benefited more. But this can't directly attract those users who use IE. So need to have some campaign and explain those what is a browser, what are the other alternatives available and how to experience the web in a better way.

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