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Crazy Thinking : Video as Orkut Profile Photo

Recently I was checking my statistics and found that someone has visited this blog by searching these terms in google, "how to keep video in place of prfile photo in orkut.". Well this facility is not available in Orkut, so don't look for this. However you can find some javascript code, which will tell you that, if you run this script on your browser's address bar, then you can display any video instead of profile photo. Don't do that, it will hack your session, and using this session the hacker can get access to your user id. To know more about session hijacking about orkut, please visit this. Wait, in that post, I have not given more information about session hijacking, but given one example, how people attract and scare you using this concept.

SQL or Script Injections in Orkut

Well it is not possible to replace a video for image, and if the people behind Orkut want to add this feature, they can add definitely, but this will not be a good move. As of now, most of the Orkut users are using the photos of celebrities, pets, cute babies and other photos as their profile photo. However it is meant for personal picture. How can we expect that people will upload there videos?

And Orkut uses the thumbnails of various sizes of your profile image to show at other places such as friends list, messages, scraps, testimonial, recent updates etc. So video can never replace image. However it can add one feature to add your activity video to the profile. It can be displayed near about me. But now, what you can do is, upload your video to youtube or google video and add it to Orkut.

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Computer Games for Snooker

Cue Club is one of the best computer pool games. Here we can play US 8-ball, Uropian 8-ball, 9-ball and snooker also. This ganme has good picture[light & smoke] effect. But b' care for your eyes. You can play single game, 2 player game, tournament and play in the bars also(there are 8 such bars). Primarily you are the standard member of one bar and having 1* reputation.when you will have 5* reputation play eith the boss and defeat, You will get silver membership of that bar and get the standard membership of another bar. Your reputation will be pemanently 3*. By winning one tournament you can get 3* and the cup (there are 9 cups). If you will runners up the get 1*. Play it.

Download the demo here

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World's Largest Plasma TV (103 Inches)

103 inch TV is worlds largest. San Francicso TV Technology Reporter Gabriel Slate takes a look at this $70,000 Plasma.

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IPL Website's Flop Show

DLF IPL (Indian Premier League) is running with a bang. It's full of entertainment. And its website was also very nice, featuring live telecast (webcast) of the matches, but their server is unable to deliver such a huge audience. Whenever I visit that site, is not delivering anything to me. When I refresh the page more that 4 times, it shows the contents, without the CSS! And after a long exercise I able to see the page. But since some days it is not showing the Live Webcast of the match. I don't know, where is the problem, it was working fine then. Let's see when we can get it back!

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Criket Ka Mahayudh, Karmayudh, Watch this IPL (Indian Premier League) Video

Criket Ka Mahayudh, Karmayudh, Watch this IPL (Indian Premier League) Video.

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New Scrap Notification Bug of Orkut

I noticed one bug in Orkut, related with new scrap notification. This is working fine all of the time but this time I caught it. Please have a look at the image.

Here instead of "1%S" it was showing "113948491". And some more errors you can point out in images.

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Watch Live Telecast of IPL (Indian Premier League) Here

Watch IPL 4(India Premier League 2011) live on the web on YouTube

------------------ don't read below --------------------

Live Stream of today's match is unavailable due to technical reasons. Please visit this later to watch Next Match
Due to some technical error, we are unable to show you the live webcast (telecast). Sorry for inconvenience.

This telecast (webcast) is live. It is only available when the match is going on. Please let me know if it is not working.

The short url is

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Watch Live Telecast of IPL (Indian Premier League) on the Web

Watch IPL Twenty 20 Live
Interested in cricket? Well the IPL (Indian Premier League) Twenty20 fever is going on. The match live telecast in on SetMax. Don't have a TV? Or have a TV but no cable connection? Or have TV and cable connection, but your cable service provider is not provide SetMax? Or you are in office, or college or school? Don't worry. If you have a Internet connection, you can watch live cricket. I am not talking about live cricket scores. I am talking about Live Video Telecast as seen on TV. It is available on the

This is not pre recorded video. This is live webcast. Differed by some seconds. There is no ad as you see in the TV. My connection is upto 256 kbps. I am watching this without any problem. You can also watch and enjoy.

You can also watch the telecast (webcast) live on this blog also. Click here: Watch IPL Live. The advantage of watching here is you will get a better user experience here. That IPLT20 web site has some problem. Some time the website is not opening. You need to refresh that website then.

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Ipl Teams Websites

The IPL (Indian Premier League) fever is on. Tomorrow is the day, which will see the inauguration of the IPL Twenty20. Before this, I have a look the the websites related to IPL. Before I search for anything I visit (for the first time I am visiting this site). There is no such site actually, but it is the website, where you can book tickets for BCCI. There I found all the links to the IPL team websites. Here is a little review of those.

Royal Challengers Bangalore
This one should be the best website among all the teams (I guess), as this is the team of silicon valley of India. In the homepage (index page) it is showing one flash with Royal Challengers logo and photo of Vijay Mallya. There is one link to enter site, but it is opening the site in a new window, which I hate most. I think it should open in the same window. And the design is good, just need to highlight the tabs properly, now it is only highlighting the home tab. Well the video is nice, I think there is two videos embedded, but I found only one. They are using php for scripting (I am feeling happy, as I am php developer). But what is this? 404 (Page not found) error for Statistics! Ahha, this should not happen here. Well, this website is bellow my expectation.

Chennai Super Kings
Chennai, the place where I live. This site is very nice, made by Coromandel Infotech India Ltd, using and very nice design with good graphics. Chennai is the place for best graphics and special effects, as we know. I was thinking to give no comments for this website, but I found that the favicon is very nice and the link to store is disabled.

Delhi Daredevils
What a website, with very nice flash, very good design and features like webcast and official blog etc. I forget to type here and started watching the webcast. This is such a nice website that, I can not explain it, better you go there and have a look.

Hydrabad Deccan Chargers
Very nicely designed site powered by Drupal. I can say that

Jaipur Rajasthan Royals
This website is also a nice website and informative.

Kolkata Knight Riders
It is a very nicely designed website and much more informative. Online games by is one extra feature in this website as compared to other websites. Fictions, movies so many to browse in this site. You must enjoy browsing through this site.

Mohali Kings XI Punjab
Very nicely designed with flash and this one is also a very good site. The video is also nice.

Mumbai Indians
This site is very simple and coolest looking website. One interesting fact about this site is the meta keywords: "Mumbai Indians, Mukesh Ambani, Nita Ambani, Sachin Tendulkar, MI, MI Paltan, IPL, Cricket, Twenty Twenty, Indian Premier League".

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application directory : A decent feature added to Orkut

I was just browsing through Orkut, I find one link to this interesting feature just added to Orkut, this is application directory, which is the page where you will many OpenSocial applications, using which you can customize your profile with music, games and many more. Now anyone's profile is not just simple "about me", now it will be more live, more lovely.Currently you can find 18 application waiting for you, to customize your profile. Let's have a look in detail.

Music iLike

By iLike, Inc.
Add music and videos to your profile, list your favorite artists, and test your skill in the Music Challenge! Join 23 million iLike users to share and discover music.

By RockYou!
Bored, Happy, Glum? We've got an ever growing list of emoticons to show off how you feel.

By ActOnME, Inc.
Attack photos of your friends with cool animations! Slap them silly, send them a kiss, splash them with color balloons. No matter what your emotions are we have an animation that can help you to express yourself. Let the game begin. Attack Now !!

By RockYou!
Are the stars aligning for you? Find out with a RockYou horoscope and get regular updates for your sign.

By Alex Epshteyn
Typing meets racing in this first-ever competitive typing game. Compete against your friends and the whole world in the new sport of keyboarding!

Top Friends by
Who are your Top Friends? Keep track of your best friends right on your profile with Top Friends by!

SlideTV by
Add custom pics, graffiti, videos and more to your profile with SlideTV by!

Play the classic word game of Hangman or create one of your own on your favourite movies, music, TV shows and more. Guess the missing letters of the alphabet to fill in the blanks and get the right answer.

By ugenie
iRead is a social book discovery application. With iRead you can organize your favorite books in bookshelves, rate and review them. You can browse what other iReaders and friends are reading. iRead learns from your book reading tastes and recommends books you will like and also users who read like you. Add application and join the social book discovery revolution!

Flixster Movies
By Flixster, Inc.
Share movie ratings and compare your movie taste with friends. Create and challenge friends to movie quizzes. Meet other movie fans with similar taste.

Chakpak Movies
Chakpak Movies is a social movies application that lets you rate/review movies and related photos/videos and share your ratings and reviews with your friends. It also lets you organize movies by classifying them into ones you have seen, you own, your favorite movies and other similar categories. Among other fun things, you can also create movie quizzes and challenge your friends.

By Hungry Machine
Organize your reading history! Build up your bookshelf to keep track of what you've read, want to read, and are currently reading. See what your friends are reading. Show others what's on your real bookshelf. See others reading the same book (a good icebreaker). Read and create reviews. Recommend books on your bookshelf to your friends. Get recommendations from your friends.

Bible Verses
By Barry Welch
Play the Bible Verses quiz and challenge your friends. Post a prayer and share it with your Orkut friends. Post your favorite bible passages to your profile and scrapbook.

India Dekha!
India Dekha has been developed by in an effort to connect Indian Travel enthusiasts with one another. How much of India Have you traveled or plan to travel to in the future? Make your India Dekha! Map and share it with your friends.

Teen Patti
Teen Patti - Indian version of 3 card poker; also known as flash. A multi-player game that you won't be able to stop playing - once you start. A must play before and on Diwali for most Indian families, even losing in this game is supposed to bring you good luck. Get together with friends and have fun!

By Auciti Info Technologies
Upcoming music concert or a quick meet at a coffee shop down the street. Casual outing or a special event. Schedule it and invite friends. Hangout enables you to schedule, coordinate and have fun with your Orkut friends outside your online world. Hangout now!!

Pimp yours or your friends photos by adding themes and bubbles, be the celebrity or superhero you always wanted to be, there are hundreds of themes to choose from, and built in 4 languages: English, Portuguese, Chinese and Vietnamese, come create some fun photos!

Music n Movies
By Minglebox
Vaat Lag Gayi Maamu! New, fun way to interact with friends! Let your friends know what you think of them and how you are feeling! Go back in time with classic dialogues from Sholay and Don or enjoy dialogues from recent hits like Om Shanti Om and Jab We Met. Enjoy personalised music stations. Add your favourite channels and share fun memories and trivia around songs! Listen to Bollywood Hits, Indipop, Punjabi Hits, International Hits and more... Share your movie tastes with friends, add favourites, rate and review movies. Check out what's hot and happening in Latest Movies.

Well so many applications, add and have fun.

You can also submit your OpenSocial application to this directory here.

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Firefox Quick Browse Sortcuts

Here are some shortcuts of Mozilla Firefox (my favorite and worlds best browser) for quick browsing.

Ctrl + Enter = Appends .com/ and prepend http://www.

(Example: Type google and press Ctrl + Enter, it will open

Shift + Enter = Appends .net/ and prepend http://www.

(Example: Type google and press Shift + Enter, it will open

Ctrl + Shift + Enter = Appends .org/ and prepend http://www.

(Example: Type google and press Ctrl + Shift + Enter, it will open

Alt + Enter = Opens that address in a new tab/window

Ctrl + Alt + Enter = Appends .com/ and prepend http://www. and opens in a new tab/window

(Example: Type google and press Ctrl + Alt + Enter, it will open in a new tab/window)

Shift + Alt + Enter = Appends .net/ and prepend http://www. and opens in a new tab/window

(Example: Type google and press Shift + Alt + Enter, it will open in a new tab/window)

Ctrl + Shift + Alt + Enter = Appends .org/ and prepend http://www. and opens in a new tab/window

(Example: Type google and press Ctrl + Shift + Alt + Enter, it will open in a new tab/window)

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Oh! so many spams!

What mail I got everyday, 30% of them news letters, etc. subscribed mails, 20% of them are spams, 20% of them are actual emails and rest 30% are forwarded sweet spam (chained emails). I call this sweet spam, because we all like to read them, forward them (including the person which has sent you this). The similar content as one mail comes to us in different different avatars and flavors. Some continues for years also. And you will find the birth day some baba or god 365 days in the year. If you will forward to this to x people, you will get Microsoft and if you avoid your computer will become a calculator like this. This girl has lost her both hands and if you will forward this then Orkut or Yahoo will give her 10 paisa for her treatment etc. I don't know how and why Orkut and Yahoo will track this and give anyone 10 paisa per message. I got irritated by these spams. I was just deleting messages in Orkut (where 99% messages are spam), I found one message from someone special, then I had a look to that message. It was very interesting. Have a look to it.

Lost my HB pencil with a rubber attached. The pencil costs Rs.3/.
Orkut has agreed to give me one paisa if you forward this scrap(1 paisa per scrap).
If you have heart and want to help a poor child in need, plz fwd it to atleast 10 friends.
Please don't neglect.
Otherwise my dad will scold me. If you forward this then your life will change for ever.
Your dream will come true tonight at 11.55.
If u dont forward, u'll fail in ur exams

Once I made a request to not to send those chained sweet spams to me and send this message to all my contacts. And I found that it had forwarded to me and became a chained message!

This spam mails and messages are not only wastes bandwidth and space, also wastes our valuable time. So, please never spread spam.

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Saw link to your profile in Orkut in an unknown's profile?

People often get worried when they see a link to their profile in the profile of any unknown person's profile (about me). Well this is a trick, this is not the link to your profile. Let me explain how it works.

When you will put this url ( in the address bar of your browser, then you can see your own profile. The url of anyone's profile is like this:
Where uid is the get method variable and the value is the user id of the user, whose profile you are visiting. But if that parameter is not available, then by default it will show, your profile.

In get method, it is needed to have ? after the filename and then the get parameters. If some thing is wrong or missing, then it will not accept these parameters. In this url ( you will find 2 after ? . Well 2 and ? are looking similar! So 2uid is not a valid variable here. So url ( is equal to url ( That is why you will see your profile. So no need to be worry. If you have any doubt regarding this or any other, then please send me an email or post here in comments.

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Don't hesitate to have a Crush on Orkut

Have a crush on Orkut or you have a friend who is also your crush, then don't hesitate to add him/her to your crush list. If he/she don't have a crush on you, then it is ok, neither of you have any problem, but he/she have also the crush on you and he/she also already added or if he/she will add you in future, then you both will get a crush match notification. So why hesitate and start adding your crush to your crush list.
Get Scraps, Testimonials, Photo scraps at
New Love photo scraps added. To see new photo scraps, change your preference to see new photo scraps.

Update (31 May 2008)
Long time ago, I used to get many messages and scraps to run some code, so that I can see who have added me to their crush list. What the script does it adds all your friends to your crush list and if anyone added you to her/his crush list, then definitely you will get notification for matched crush. No magic here, only logic.

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SQL or Script Injections in Orkut

Now a days, I am getting some spam scraps as the following.

Hey..One girl is about u.. also written about u in her ABOUT ME..And she added Your profile link and some of ur photos her Profile..
Her profile link..

I saw Your pics from her Profile..Super..Reply

When you will click on the profile link, it will open that persons profile and in about me you can find some message as following.

To see soMe of my friend pics....many are there[Cant write here]

Clear ur address bar..copy paste.. Below Script To See This Person's Picture:-


I always avoid this and delete the scrap from my scrapbook as I know this is nothing but a attempt to have SQL or Script injection or Session Hijacking script. I am interested to see the JavaScript code and analyze it and to determine, what is the script doing. But, due to lack of time I say I will do it later. But today how ever I looked at one script. From this I understand that, the script is using popular web 2.0 technology Ajax, and let me explain what it does.

First it collects your friend list and sends that scrap to all and then displays some text about sql injection and ethical hacking. And with this it also displays your friends profile photos. My system is now crashing frequently. I hope this will be fixed in this week. After that I will play with all these scripts and post in detail. I promise that I will also help you to play with me.

And be careful, never run such scripts on your address bar. If you want to ask anything you can post here, I will reply.

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How to edit any label in Blogger

Do you need to change any label in Blogger or The need may be something like this. You have made a spelling mistake while adding it or you have given the wrong case for this, e.g. Orkut as orkut. Here I will explain the easiest way to edit this.

If you need to remove or delete any label in blogger, the please read this:
How to remove labels from your blogspot or blogger blog

Well to edit any label, login to your blogger account and you will land on its home page or your dashboard. Now select the blog for which you need to edit any label. Now click on edit posts. Then find out the label which you want to change on the left side of the page. Now click on this and all the posts for this label will be listed. Now select all. In the Label Actions... drop down menu (select box), select New Label... under Apply label. It is just before Remove label in the select menu. Now give any temporary name to create a temporary label. Be careful that the temporary label should not match other label (case insensitive). Now remove the label which you want to edit or change. To remove this label, select the label name in the Label Actions... under Remove label. Now click on the temporary label at your left hand side of screen. Now select all and add the new label name as we added the temporary label. Now remove the temporary label as we removed the previous label.

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Is this a worm or the script you run in Orkut?

I got one message saying this:

if anyone gets a scrap with this content
Heya !!
how are you??
Do you know there was a profile in news last night

link :- click here

The about me of This Profile Is Superb.

PLEASE DELETE IT.. ITS A SELF REPLICATING WORM, WITH VERY LESS HASH TIME. even if you dont click it chances are that it'll self replicate within minutes of ur online session


People think that this is a worm and replicating itself. But this is not what happens right there. When you will click on the link, it will take you to the community home page, where you will find a JavaScript and it is asked there to run this script in the address bar of your browser where you browse Orkut. Generally in this script there will be another source of JavaScript, in a file in a server other than Orkut. And when you will run that script, it can access your browsers session and cookies and can do what ever it can do according to the script. It can post scraps to all of your friends in your list, it can also delete them all or can hijack your session, so that the hacker can access the advantage as you logged in. This is the script which replicates the scraps in your list, when you run it, not the worm.
You will also get some scraps to send scraps to all friends in the list. But never do that. Don't run any script in the address bar unless you understand it. Be secure yourself.
If you want any good scraps, testimonials and photo scraps for Orkut, then please visit :: Scraps, Testimonials and more ...
I am thinking to read those scripts and analyze what actually they do. Then I will modify it and host in my server, and I will give you assurance that it will not make any problem for you. But, what I actually need is, I am not getting enough time to do all these. Please inspire me by giving your comments and linking back to this blog.

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Can you copy Orkut profile photos?

When Orkut was new, then there was some security issue, regarding our personal information, photos etc. Well photos, there was also crime of copying any person's (generally girl) photo and create duplicate profile and posting bad things in it. Now Orkut is safer than those days. Now you can set your personal settings, such as who can see your album, video, scraps, who can post scraps, and who can see your profile etc. And now also you can not copy profile photos by right clicking on it and saving the image. This is the way all follow to copy any image. Now if you try to save image by right clicking on it, instead of that picture, another picture which is basically a transparent image will be saved. Do you think that it is all secure, no one now can copy profile images. If you think so, then you are absolutely wrong. There is a simple method, by using which anyone can save the profile photo. I will not say how, because I am against the wrong use of others photo, personal information or anything. It is very simple to copy the image, but I don't think most of the Orkut users know this. To confirm this, I have created a poll. Please participate in this poll, so that we can get some information on it. You can also help me to spread this message to participate in this poll. To participate in this poll please click here. You can also find the widget for this poll in the side bar. You can send this url to your friends or post anywhere. The url is
And if you think you should not post your photo in Orkut for this security issue, then don't. And if you understand this problem, then just say, what about my idea of using flash for this profile photo?

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Powered by Linux : Ubuntu

Since last week, my systems continues to crash frequently. I tried to install Windows Vista 11 times but every time it crashed in between. Well I successfully fixed this issue over telephone support of dell, but on the next day my system crashed. As I have to go to office and I am unable to take leave to fix this issue (Dell provides support in business hours only, there is also a gold support which is available 24X7, but I don't have money to afford this), it is clear that I have to fix this after a week. But my addiction to Internet can't stop me sitting idle. I tried to boot Ubuntu from the DVD live. The need was to access only Internet. (Those stupid buddies at Airtel don't know what is Live DVD of Linux or Ubuntu and how to make the settings. I will post regarding this later.) Any how I managed to set the configurations to access Internet. Then while accessing Internet, I thought lets try to install Ubuntu. F@ck that Windows Vista for a while. I followed the path to install Ubuntu. It was so easy that I have never expected. I used to listen that installation of Linux is complicated. But now I feel that installing Ubuntu is much more easier than any flavours of Windows. Just you need to be careful while selecting hard disk partitions. I recommend you to use 10 GB for installation and (1.5 * your ram) for swap, where the minimum requirement is 2 GB + 256 MB (swap). But it is not more confusing also. Then everything is very easy. And the most interesting thing was I was browsing Internet while it was installing Ubuntu in my system. While in case of windows installation you need to be bore for around one hour. I am thinking to switch to Linux for most of my work. What do you think about it?

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Why should we indent our code?

Why should we indent our code?

When I was studying in my 1st semester of B.Tech, I was writing a C program. That time I was not aware of indentation, however i have seen this in some other students program. My program had one error, which I was unable to fix. When I asked our lab demonstrator regarding this, first he started indenting my code. I asked, "Why are you doing so? To look code beautiful or this will resolve the bug?". He smiled and replied "Of course this will look beautiful as well as help you to understand and easily debug your code." Then I was coding 20 or 30 lines of code (LOC). Now when I am coding thousands lines of code, I understand why should we indent and proper indention.

To explain this simple but most useful concept, I decided to use HTML as example language, as most of the people know basics of HTML and everybody say that this language is the easiest one.

Take a look at this non-indented code:

In the above piece of code it is difficult to navigate to any part of code, how ever this contains 12 lines. Think, when you need to find end of some tag in 4000 lines of code, how can you find? In some other languages there some control feature as if condition. If you need to find out where the if condition is ending in 4000 lines of codes? Remember before reaching to the end of if loop you can encounter some other if loops started withing this. So without proper indentation it is very difficult to find out what we need.

The above piece of code can be written with proper indentation as this:

Now you can figure out how easy it to navigate though your code. To indent your code you can use tab or some spaces. (It is recommended to use 4 spaces instead of tab. You can configure your text editor to print 4 spaces when you press tab.)
Again one question comes into my mind. Why people hesitate follow proper indentation? The answer is simple: due to laziness. But they unable to realize that, what they are coding today may need to be modified tomorrow. If they think they save some seconds by not using indentation, may need to spend some hours to find out where to modify. So start following proper indentation right now.

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