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Since last week, my systems continues to crash frequently. I tried to install Windows Vista 11 times but every time it crashed in between. Well I successfully fixed this issue over telephone support of dell, but on the next day my system crashed. As I have to go to office and I am unable to take leave to fix this issue (Dell provides support in business hours only, there is also a gold support which is available 24X7, but I don't have money to afford this), it is clear that I have to fix this after a week. But my addiction to Internet can't stop me sitting idle. I tried to boot Ubuntu from the DVD live. The need was to access only Internet. (Those stupid buddies at Airtel don't know what is Live DVD of Linux or Ubuntu and how to make the settings. I will post regarding this later.) Any how I managed to set the configurations to access Internet. Then while accessing Internet, I thought lets try to install Ubuntu. F@ck that Windows Vista for a while. I followed the path to install Ubuntu. It was so easy that I have never expected. I used to listen that installation of Linux is complicated. But now I feel that installing Ubuntu is much more easier than any flavours of Windows. Just you need to be careful while selecting hard disk partitions. I recommend you to use 10 GB for installation and (1.5 * your ram) for swap, where the minimum requirement is 2 GB + 256 MB (swap). But it is not more confusing also. Then everything is very easy. And the most interesting thing was I was browsing Internet while it was installing Ubuntu in my system. While in case of windows installation you need to be bore for around one hour. I am thinking to switch to Linux for most of my work. What do you think about it?

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