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Can you copy Orkut profile photos?

When Orkut was new, then there was some security issue, regarding our personal information, photos etc. Well photos, there was also crime of copying any person's (generally girl) photo and create duplicate profile and posting bad things in it. Now Orkut is safer than those days. Now you can set your personal settings, such as who can see your album, video, scraps, who can post scraps, and who can see your profile etc. And now also you can not copy profile photos by right clicking on it and saving the image. This is the way all follow to copy any image. Now if you try to save image by right clicking on it, instead of that picture, another picture which is basically a transparent image will be saved. Do you think that it is all secure, no one now can copy profile images. If you think so, then you are absolutely wrong. There is a simple method, by using which anyone can save the profile photo. I will not say how, because I am against the wrong use of others photo, personal information or anything. It is very simple to copy the image, but I don't think most of the Orkut users know this. To confirm this, I have created a poll. Please participate in this poll, so that we can get some information on it. You can also help me to spread this message to participate in this poll. To participate in this poll please click here. You can also find the widget for this poll in the side bar. You can send this url to your friends or post anywhere. The url is
And if you think you should not post your photo in Orkut for this security issue, then don't. And if you understand this problem, then just say, what about my idea of using flash for this profile photo?

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