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Orkut for Low Bandwidth

Orkut is not that much bandwidth hungry, but the new open social applications added to it need some more bandwidth as most of them are using flash. If you have a slow connection and feel orkut loads slowly, there is a low bandwidth version for you. To switch to low bandwidth version, go to settings, then there u will find the option to set low bandwidth version. (Choose show the low bandwidth version of orkut radio).

Let me discuss the features this low bandwidth version of orkut.

This is how your friend list will look like, without photos, as images takes more bandwidth than texts.

This is how the community list will look, similar as scraps.

This is how the upcoming birthdays list will display.

This is the snap of recent updates, with out the images.

This is how your full friend list will look. There will be no image, but if you click on the show photo, the image will be displayed using Ajax.

This is the snap for managing your friends, uses the same technique to display photo. This is also similar for scrapbook and testimonials.

For albums it is as in the normal version. The open social applications are hidden in this version. If you want to see these apps, then you can click to unhidden and the app will be displayed using Ajax.

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New Favicon of Google

I found that Google now using a new cool looking favicon. I found it in Adsense and Webmaster Tools pages. Have a look to this.

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Just now I noticed that the url in the address bar of my browser is Oh it's, when it implemented? I have not noticed it before. These are the words which I told my self and checked the history. I found that it's just 2 days old. Now it was showing Bad, bad server. No donut for you. error. Finally I got in to it. When I changed the to .com in the address bar, it is resigning me in (I have the option, to sign me automatically, turned on) and again landing me in domain. Let's try in a different browser as I don't want to sign out in Mozilla Firefox.

Here it is asking me to sign in using my google account and in the url one parameter says to forward me to after signing in. This means it recognized that I am accessing from India and forwarding me to domain. Oh, there is a link on this page, News: Web 18 'Genius of the Web' award for the best social networking website in India. I clicked on the link and found that it redirected me to Tech 2.0 community of Orkut. For the first time I saw any Orkut community without signing in. I can remember, when it was promoting a MTV community it was asking to sign in to see the community. Let me say that this community url is in .com domain. When I changed the domain to, it was also showing the same page without any problem.

Well in my conclusion I can just say, a great social networking application shaping up and improving by every moment. It's increasing its popularity, users and load on the system also. It now great to handle the users from India and deliver better service.

Update (29th May, 2008)
There is a link "Go to" in the footer of Orkut, if you click on that link, then it will not redirect you to country based domain. Most probable they are setting a cookie to remember this decision. I will update you more regarding this in future. : Country based redirectSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend TwitThis

jetAudio Information Viewer serves Google Ads

Let me tell you that jetAudio is my favorite media player from a long time. Since its version 4 I am using it. Now it's in its version. I am using the basic version, which is free. Today for the first time I noticed Ads by Google in its information viewer.

Well its a very good concept to use google adsense to generate some revenue and user as me can use the product for free.

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How to link your Orkut profile outside

I was checking visitors to this blog, then I found some people want to know how to link their Orkut profile outside. So I decided to post this to help them. For most of the people it may be silly, sorry to them for wasting their time.

Now come to the point. It is very easy. Just go to your profile. To go to your profile: 1) you can click on the profile link on the top, near home link, 2) Simply you can click on your profile photo, 3) You can also click on the link bellow the photo.

Now copy the url (address) from the address bar. And now provide the link where ever you want, as I have added in the right hand side of this blog.

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ibibo : an application with lots of bugs

The coolest feature of ibibo is you can call to your friend for free. And you need not to call through your computer and have voice chat. In this feature, when you will click on the link to call your friend, you will receive one call from their (ibibo, Bangalore) number and at that time your friend is also receive a call as same. The conversation will start with an advertisement and after this you can talk with your friend. This call will last for 2 minutes. You can have 5 calls per month. However you can send unlimited SMS and voice mails to your friend. To test this feature I tried to call the only friend available in my friend list and have a talk for 2 minute. Now I have added two new friends, but whenever I am trying to call them, it is showing that I have to be their friend to call them. I wonder how I can be friend once again and what is the current relation then?

This is not only the bug in that application. There are lots of bugs are found in that site. Everyday I found new bugs there, but it will be very boring if I post all here. Where ibibo claims to be India's safest social networking site, but the question arises if they can have so many silly general bugs, then what about the security? How anyone can believe them?

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I lol, when I saw this blog in Google translation

Thanks to Shubh, when I saw the Google widget to translate his blog, I just translated it to Hindi. I did not read more in Hindi there, I just checked how Google translator translates my blog in Hindi. When I started reading it, I only laughed a lot. Google translator is a great tool, however it is not an easy task to translate properly. But it was very funny. You can see this here. Or you can have a look here also in this image.

I tried to suggest the better translation, but when I tried to edit this, I could not type in hindi. So, if google can implement the transliteration tool here, then it can be benefited. And if more people can contribute this as we do for wikipedia, then it could be better.

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XRAY : Xray any webpage

XRAY is a JavaScript tool, which is provided by westciv for free, is an useful tool for web designers, web developers and some adventurous people who like the web. Using this tool you can get all the information about page elements and their properties at a ease, without looking at the source code. The data which you can get from this tool are, name of the element, id, class, inheritance hierarchy, position, border, margin and padding. In inheritance hierarchy you can get the the path to that element from the body tag of html. This is like: html > body > div > div > ul > li > a (example). In position you can get top, left, width, height and float values. In border and padding, you can get top, left, width, height values too. Please see this picture to know how it looks.

You can get this tool here. In that page you will get one gray box with XRAY written on it, just drag that to the bookmarks bar of your browser, if you are using mozilla firefox. If you are using Internet explorer, the write click on that box and choose "Add to favorites..." from the menu and save it in your favorite folder. In Opera, you can drag or just choose the regular bookmark option.

How to use XRAY
It is quite simple, just open any website and click on the XRAY bookmark or link. It will load the tool and you can click on any element on the web page to know its properties. You can also navigate through the inheritance hierarchy. To close this just click on the close link of the tool or reload the page.
Referral: Get Firefox with Google Toolbar

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Invisible buttons in ibibo

ibibo, which demands to be the safest Indian social networking site is not that bad, in fact this is also a very nice service, but while editing my profile, I got into difficulty to save the changes, I was searching for the save button. But I did not find any. When I moved my mouse here and there, I found that there are some elements on mouse over on it, my cursor changes to pointer (hand style of mouse, as on links). Then I checked the source code and found that, there are three submit buttons are available. First one is to save and proceed to next section, second one is to save and exit and the latter one is to cancel without saving. I believe this bug is due to the style (CSS) problem. And advice the team ibibo to check this first.

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Get into YouTube India

I am not saying that YouTube India launched, because I am late. I just wanna say this is a very nice video.

welcome youtube in india

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Orkut Bugs : Showing 1-5 of 2

I was just checking my videos added in my Orkut profile, but it was showing me 1-5 videos of 2. At that time the total number of videos was 9, 5 per one page, so in two pages. So, it should show showing 1-5 of 9. But due to mistake of the developers instead of showing the number of videos, it is only showing number of pages. Well this bug is a minor bug and hope Google engineers for Orkut will fix this soon.

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Beta Trend in World Wide Web

Beta means the final testing version of any product, of course software application. After testers finished their testing, the company releases the product for a real time user exposure. From my personal experience I will say there are very less products with out any bug (I believe none, if it is 100% bug free, then you will find some limitations). And finding out bugs is like luck, not all testers can find out all the bugs of any application. So when any user will use beta application, if he/she will find any bug and report it, then the application can release with lesser bugs. The products which are proprietary products become available for free to use for a limited time, e.g. Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, the beta was available in 2007. Not only beta, now some companies are using series of beta versions for there convince. It is most appropriate for products developed by a community, e.g. Mozilla Firefox version 3.0 beta 5. Because after getting fixed some issues, they release the next version.

That was about beta versions, now let's discuss about beta versions of web sites and web applications. I don't know which web site started as beta, but remember Orkut was beta 2 years back and now also same beta, no stable Orkut. Now Orkut has taken over by Google and adding more and more feature. The theme was very simple then, then became vary rich, now cool looking and beautiful. But there are many bugs still exists in Orkut, hope Google engineers for Orkut must be working hard to solve this. So the question is when Orkut will become stable and remove that beta tag. Well YouTube is not beta now, it was a year back. Gmail is still in beta. Meebo was first alpha, then beta and now stable. Many other websites are in beta, e.g. mginger, youmint and many more. Let's see when they become stable, but if any problem happens to your data or anything related, they can say it is just beta!

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Funny Advertisement by Google

I saw a funny ad by Google on a website. The title of that ad says Funny Desktop Wallpaper, but the description says "Vostro 1400 at Rs 33,900 With With Intel® Centrino® Processor". Funny nah!

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Now Pay and Watch IPL Cricket Online

Now the website of Indian Premier League (IPL) is offering to watch match online, but now the scene is different. You can not watch it for free now. You can pay $2.45 for a day pass. You will get immediate access for 24 hours from the moment you subscribe. You can watch live video stream*, match highlights & replays and extensive video archive. You can also opt for league pass ($36.97) and can get access for the entire tournament, and annual pass ($46.83) for 12 month access.

* Access to the Live stream is not available to visitors from the United Kingdom, USA, Caribbean, New Zealand, Angola, Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Central African Republic, Chad, Comoros, Congo (Brazzaville), Congo DRC (Zaire), Cote d'Ivoire, Djibouti, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia, Madagascar, Malawi, Mali, Mauritania, Mauritius, Mayotte, Mozambique, Namibia, Niger, Nigeria, Reunion, Rwanda, Sao Tome and Principe, Senegal, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Socotra, South Africa, St Helena and Ascension Sudan, Swaziland, Tanzania, Togo, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. I don't what may be the reason behind this.

And you have to surrender in front of money making policy of BCCI. And this is the reason why it is the one of the rich sports boards of world. But it is very sad for the users who were aspiring to watch it online for free.

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New YouTube Player Beta

I found that there is one New YouTube Player Beta available, and said "Let's try it". Well this flash YouTube player is looking great as compared to the old one and it is obvious. Have a look to this snap shot.

And the volume control is also improved in style and functionality.

While downloading the movie to the flash frame, the control paused automatically when the slider pointer is at the end of loaded bar. And there is no control to take it back to start as the old one. So at that point if you need to pause, then you need to slide back the pointer little back and click on the pause button, if you need to pause.

And see how it looks in full screen mode.

Well now I have finished with watching the video and see how it is listing the related videos. I miss the timer for next set here as in old one.

Oops how bad it looks when you are watching this in full screen mode and the video finishes. It is displaying only 2 related videos as normal mode.

Well this video is also very nice. Watch it : The Legend Madhubala- A Tribute

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How to Create a Website For Free

To create a website you need two most important things excluding your pages (may html or with some scripts) are domain name and web hosting. Do get a top level domain name for free is not possible, but you can get a Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) name for absolutely free. To get a CO.CC (Referral link) domain name click here (Referral link). Search for the name if it is available or not. If it is available register for free. And there is no hidden cost.

And to get a host, it is very simple, just search in google or any free web hosting directory. I am afraid to suggest some, as if you choose free web hosting, you need to be careful and take your backups daily. From my last experiences, I will suggest you Xtreem Host. They provide a very nice support, but no cPanel.

And the CO.CC (Referral link) also provides DNS management such as CNAME, A, MX, NS records management, and these are also for free.

CO.CC:Free Domain

Now domain name is ready and web hosting is also ready. Start making your pages and if you have any queries then please contact me.

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Need One Free Domain?

It may be a website or you need to have a blog, you need a domain name first. It is the address using which your visitors will come to you. You can buy it and you have to spend around USD 10 per year. If there is any special offer, then you can get in at some cheaper price. Most of the people want a domain name for free. In this case, you can use sub domains for free. I have also started with sub domains and still using sub domains for all my blogs. If you need a free domain, you can use some sort sub domains which will forward to your sub domain. But there is one free service which will provide you a free domain (if you need more, you can also get for free). This domain is like a country code top level domain (ccTLD), but for free. To get your free domain got ot (Referral link)

In addition to this it also offers some other services (these all are also free) as CNAME, A, MX, NS records management, I mean many DNS sevices.

Domain Mapping and CO.CC

Domain Mapping is the process of pointing a registered domain name to a blog or photo album. Domain mapping is more than domain forwarding, because your permalinks and URL contain the address of your domain (, and not a sub-domain (

You can map a CO.CC domain to your blog or photo album. In order to use domain mapping, you must create and modify A, MX, and CNAME records.
CO.CC supports free DNS services. This means that CO.CC gives you
control over the DNS records that describe your domain.

CO.CC:Free Domain

You can now use your own custom domain with your blog or customized services and you can create customized email accounts.

You can also configure these services
Google Apps with
Window live with
Blogger with
WordPress with
Zetaboards with
Tistory with

If you need any assistance, please post here.

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