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Orkut for Low Bandwidth

Orkut is not that much bandwidth hungry, but the new open social applications added to it need some more bandwidth as most of them are using flash. If you have a slow connection and feel orkut loads slowly, there is a low bandwidth version for you. To switch to low bandwidth version, go to settings, then there u will find the option to set low bandwidth version. (Choose show the low bandwidth version of orkut radio).

Let me discuss the features this low bandwidth version of orkut.

This is how your friend list will look like, without photos, as images takes more bandwidth than texts.

This is how the community list will look, similar as scraps.

This is how the upcoming birthdays list will display.

This is the snap of recent updates, with out the images.

This is how your full friend list will look. There will be no image, but if you click on the show photo, the image will be displayed using Ajax.

This is the snap for managing your friends, uses the same technique to display photo. This is also similar for scrapbook and testimonials.

For albums it is as in the normal version. The open social applications are hidden in this version. If you want to see these apps, then you can click to unhidden and the app will be displayed using Ajax.

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