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Just now I noticed that the url in the address bar of my browser is Oh it's, when it implemented? I have not noticed it before. These are the words which I told my self and checked the history. I found that it's just 2 days old. Now it was showing Bad, bad server. No donut for you. error. Finally I got in to it. When I changed the to .com in the address bar, it is resigning me in (I have the option, to sign me automatically, turned on) and again landing me in domain. Let's try in a different browser as I don't want to sign out in Mozilla Firefox.

Here it is asking me to sign in using my google account and in the url one parameter says to forward me to after signing in. This means it recognized that I am accessing from India and forwarding me to domain. Oh, there is a link on this page, News: Web 18 'Genius of the Web' award for the best social networking website in India. I clicked on the link and found that it redirected me to Tech 2.0 community of Orkut. For the first time I saw any Orkut community without signing in. I can remember, when it was promoting a MTV community it was asking to sign in to see the community. Let me say that this community url is in .com domain. When I changed the domain to, it was also showing the same page without any problem.

Well in my conclusion I can just say, a great social networking application shaping up and improving by every moment. It's increasing its popularity, users and load on the system also. It now great to handle the users from India and deliver better service.

Update (29th May, 2008)
There is a link "Go to" in the footer of Orkut, if you click on that link, then it will not redirect you to country based domain. Most probable they are setting a cookie to remember this decision. I will update you more regarding this in future. : Country based redirectSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend TwitThis Reading: : Country based redirectPost Link to Twitter


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