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Why not to forward Spam mails?

You must have got some mails like, someone is suffering from a disease, or someone lost her/his hand or something similar and if you do so, Yahoo or Orkut or someone will pay money if you forward this mail. And sometimes people send some mail if you will forward this mail to 20 friends, Microsoft will gift you $500, like so many offers. And this is from Thirupathy Balaji, if you forward to 21 friends, then you will be lucky. What do people do generally, just forward to their contacts.

The question comes, where do these emails originates? And why people send these spams? How they got benefited? And the simple answer from me is: some sweets spams for bitter spams. When you forward your email to someone or more, you type their email addresses at To, or CC, and very rarely BCC. When your friend forwards this mail, this contains all the email addresses to whom you have sent the same email. In this way the email will reach at the originator or creator of the sweet spam as world is round, so as World Wide End (more complex connections, not simply round as world), will so many email addresses. In this way they will get so many email addresses and spam to them. This is the reason, whenever you surprise to see one spam in your mail box and thinking how do these spammers get my email id?

So my friend, never forward such nonsense sweet spams.

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I like wordpress a lot. Wordpress is the best blogging software (of course, free to download and use). And at you can create your free blog. As you can check mine ( There are so many good features I am unable to find in any other. But one thing we are unable to do in our blog is to put advertisement. There is no way to be monetize there. So, I choose blogger for this blog, so that I am having Ads by Google here and if any visitor clicks on these ad, I earn some revenue.

I found one ad of and clicked on it and finally registered there. This site is powered by wordpress. It has most of the features which provides. In addition to this provides some more features such as importing blog from your other blogs such as Blogger, TypePad, LiveJournal, and others, ability to export your blog, 99.999% up-time and they promise to backup all your data in every 12 hours. And they will show google ads in your blog. If you will provide your publisher id of google adsense, then they will display your google ads in 60-40 policy. This means if your blog will be viewed for 10 times, then they will display your ads 6 times and their ads 4 times, and it's the luck which ad got clicked! And in addition to google adsense they will be providing support for adbrite and yahoo ads.

Why to choose
These are the some reasons to choose

  • The '' part in your blog url, provides an indian taste.
  • Using the wordpress with google adsense (however in 60-40 policy)
  • And some more themes...
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URL Dispatching of Orkut not working in Firefox 3

Recently orkut changes something related with url dispatching technology. Now the url of home page is, which was previously. I don't know what they have changed internally, but it not working perfectly in Mozilla Firefox. I have checked it in Firefox 3. Again I checked this in Internet Explorer 7, Mozilla Firefox 2.* and Opera 9. Every where it is working as previously. But in FF 3, whenever I click on any link, the url changes according to the link, but the contains not changes. When I reloads the page, then the actual content of that url shows.

Why should I leave Safari alone? I tested this in safari. Wow, it is showing the urls as FF 3, but here it works perfectly. Hope this will be fixed soon for FF 3 and I will enjoy orkutting in Mozilla Firefox soon.

After posting this, I found it working in Mozill Firefox 3 as well.
After 2 days I found this new url dispatching is no more appearing in my browser.

Update (21st July, 2008)
Again I found this url dispatching in the address bar of my browser.

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Some Unnoticeable Bugs in Orkut

I was checking my friends scrap book, so I clicked on the link to her scrap book. And I found this one time strange bug. Instead of showing me the scrap book, it was showing me the thumbnail of a photo from my friend's album. In the title it was showing "Scrapbook.aspx (JPEG Image, 160x120 pixels)". See the snap.

In the above image, you can see that the thumbnails for recent photos is not available. If you click on those, it will show the error message that, it is unable to understand your request.

And in this, you can find some language problem. Instead of "2,500 members", it is showing "srebmem 005,2". You can see this bellow the community image.

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