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URL Dispatching of Orkut not working in Firefox 3

Recently orkut changes something related with url dispatching technology. Now the url of home page is, which was previously. I don't know what they have changed internally, but it not working perfectly in Mozilla Firefox. I have checked it in Firefox 3. Again I checked this in Internet Explorer 7, Mozilla Firefox 2.* and Opera 9. Every where it is working as previously. But in FF 3, whenever I click on any link, the url changes according to the link, but the contains not changes. When I reloads the page, then the actual content of that url shows.

Why should I leave Safari alone? I tested this in safari. Wow, it is showing the urls as FF 3, but here it works perfectly. Hope this will be fixed soon for FF 3 and I will enjoy orkutting in Mozilla Firefox soon.

After posting this, I found it working in Mozill Firefox 3 as well.
After 2 days I found this new url dispatching is no more appearing in my browser.

Update (21st July, 2008)
Again I found this url dispatching in the address bar of my browser.

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