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Google Labs SMS Channels Shortens Your Message

Google Labs SMS Channels gives a free service to send SMS to a network, it may be a friends group or group of a people subscribed to a channel. I found that it uses some logic to shorten the contents of message to keep it within 150 characters (When it gets contents from a feed, then there are chances of length of more than one characters). To give you as much content as possible, they replace the content with short codes. As for example, to is replaced by 2, your is replaced by ur, for is replaced by 4, etc.

One interested replacement I found with it is, it once removed slashes (/) from a URL in the message. The url was http:is.gd4P47 in the SMS.

Subscribe this blog in SMS (Free)

Google Labs SMS Channels Shortens Your MessageSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend TwitThis links to wrong permalink (in my opinion... india), is a web site where you can find some updated posts around the world. These entries added to this website by registered users. But the entries are linking to different post of my blog. As for example Spam Filter in Orkut post links to SMS Me - Absolutely FREE SMS !!! post. links to wrong permalinkSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend TwitThis

SFx T Shirts for Top Foxes

exclusive SFX T-shirt - image
Today I checked SpreadFirefox (SFx) page to check my earned points and rank among top 250 affiliates, and I found some changes. The top 5 movers and top 5 foxes box is no longer available on it's home page. The top 250 affiliates page is not displaying any fox. From the affiliates page I found the information that they will select some affiliates from the top 250 randomly every quarter. The winners become a Featured Fox and receive an exclusive SFx Affiliates t-shirt and are promoted on the Affiliates Homepage in the Featured Fox box. On the affiliates page at the left hand side, you can see featured foxes of last quarter.

Spreadfirefox Affiliate Button

I have earned some more points before (more than 300, not remembered exactly), but now my point is 70 since some days and it's not increasing. Not sure where is the problem. Another query comes into my mind is that how the top 250 foxes will be calculated every quarter at the time of drawing.

Update - 28th Oct
Now SFx shows all top 250 foxes, but my point is not updated.

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Diwali Gifts from Jaxtr - Free Jax and a Premium Membership

Today I got a mail from Jaxtr, where they informed me that they have added free Jax (points to make call) and a premium membership for free, as a Diwali gift so that I can call my friends and family, for free. Now I have 50 Jax. Let make some special calls on Diwali.

Wish you a very happy and safe Diwali.

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MeGlobe : Chat in Your Own Language Always

MeGlobe is a free chat service, where you can chat in your own language (not every language works here) and the person with whom you will chat can see your message in their own language. Now it supports English, Français, Español, Italiano, Português, Deutsch, 日本語, Русский, Nederlands, Ελληνικά, 한국어, العربية, Svenska, 简体中文 and 繁體中文.

MeGlobe : Chat in Your Own Language AlwaysSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend TwitThis : 100% Ad Revenue Sharing WordPress Blog

Blogpico offers Free WordPress powered blog, which shares 100% ad revenue of Google Adsense ads with the users. It make it better than which have a similar offer of sharing ad revenue by 60-40 policy. If you want a WordPress powered free blog with ads on the page, then grab one. That will be a free WordPress powered blog monetized from the beginning. : 100% Ad Revenue Sharing WordPress BlogSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend TwitThis

View Conversation in Orkut

Now you can see conversations you do using Orkut scrap book. A scrap will be considered as a part of conversation, if you reply using the reply link below the scrap message. It's good to see all conversations at one place. This conversion is updated from 21st Oct., so the scraps posted before this date will not be a part of a conversation. This is somewhat similar to wall to wall of Facebook. In wall to wall you can see all messages posted to wall, but here in Orkut, you can see a actual conversation.

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Roadside Romeo - Game and Widget

Roadside Romeo introduced widgets to update about the movie. This features widgets (you can also say OpenSocial applications) for myspace, facebook, myyearbook, vista, yahoo,google, live, netvibes, hi5, freewebs, xanga, friendster, tagged, blackplanet, blogger, univision, typepad, livejournal, wordpress, hoverspot, multiply, econs, pageflakes, webwag, orkut, vox, piczo, perfspot and squidoo. And embed code and email service is also available for this widget.

Roadside Romeo is also introduced a game, is very addictive. I played for sometime and moved up to second level. Have fun.

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New Safety Filter in Orkut

100th Post :)

Today I saw a new safety filter in Orkut. When I clicked on a link on my friend list (it was displaying no-photo image for that contact), Orkut showed me a Warning!

The profile you wish to access may contain content that could be inappropriate for some users. Learn more »

If you would like to view the profile anyway, click proceed below.

To learn more, I found that, Orkut is trying to keep it healthy, so they have introduced safety filter, which will keep you at a distance from potentially offensive communities and profiles, their pictures and of course a warning message before displaying them.

New Safety Filter in Orkut - Image

This safety filter is already enabled by default in settings.

In the help page (click for more information), you will also find another notice:
Please keep in mind that no filter is 100% accurate, but the safety filter should eliminate most inappropriate content.

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A Virtual Printer For You

Most of the computer users don't have printers. You must have faced a situation, when you urgently need to print something, but not for immediate use. As for example you booked a ticket or registered for a pan card online and need to print that ticket or acknowledgment. But you don't have a printer connected to your system to print it. Then you have to save the web page or take screen shots to print outside. But this process is not convenient as it may look different when you print.

Here is a solution, which will help you out. You need Microsoft XPS Document Writer and Microsoft XPS Viewer. Download these here: Microsoft XML Paper Specification Essentials Pack. This is already installed in Windows Vista, you need to install these if you have Windows XP or Windows Server 2003.

Microsoft XPS Document Writer will work as a printer and save the document in a file with .xps extension. This previews your document exactly as you can see it after printing on paper. This Microsoft XPS Viewer will help you to see your XPS file via Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher. You can copy this file to a pen drive and print using any other system connected to a printer. If your default browser is not IE, then it will not show the document, instead it will prompt to download or open a file using any application. You can download Microsoft XPS Essentials Pack and using this you can see the preview of the XPS document there it self.

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Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Text Editing

Today I read a blog Keyboard Shortcut to Jump Over Words. This reminded me to post all the similar shortcuts I am using while editing any text or code.

To move by words
To move by words hold down Ctrl key, and press left arrow to move towards left or right arrow to move towards right.

To move to the first or last character of the file or text area
To move to the first character of the file or text area, use the combination Ctrl + Home. Similarly to move to the last character of the file or text area, use the combination Ctrl + End.

You can add Shift key to these combination to select text faster. Generally when you hold down Shift and press right or left arrows then the text got selected character wise and if you press up or down arrows, it selects line wise.

To select text word by word
To select text word by word, hold down Shift and Crtl, then press left or right arrow.

To select text to the first/last character (home/end) from a point
To select text from a point to the start character (Home) of the line, use Shift + Home. Similarly, to select text from a point to the last character (End) of the line, use Shift + End.

To select all text from a point to the start/end of file or text area
To select all text from a point to the start of file or text area, use Shift + Ctrl + Home. Similarly, to select all text from a point to the end of file or text area, use Shift + Ctrl + End

This shortcuts work in most of the text editors, rich text editors and Text Area and text input of a web page html form. However jumping by words or part of a string separated by . (dot), _ (underscore) and /, \ (slashes) behave differently in different editors.

I am using this since a long time, but did not learned it from somewhere, hope this will be useful.

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WordPress RSS Feed Widget Error after Burning Feed

I started burning the feed of this blog at Feedproxy via Google Adsense. I also updated the new burned feed url in the settings of this blog, so that the default url ( will be forwarded to new burned feed url (

WordPress RSS Feed Widget Error after Burning Feed

Now I found that the RSS feed widget in my WordPress hosted blog was showing one error message. This widget fails, when the old feed url redirects to new burned feed url and displays the error message. This made me to change the url to new burned feed url in the edit settings of WordPress RSS Feed Widget.

So if you are burning your feeds, then please try to check, where you have given the old feed url, is it working or not?

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AlphaInventions - An Innovative Idea - Updated Blogs in Real time

When I was checking statistics of one of my WordPress blog, I found a referrer Curiously, I checked what is this and found something innovative. This is a website where you can see recently updated blogs around the blogosphere in real time. Generally this type of sites shows feeds. But this shows the site there itself. To understand this website you need to visit this site.

This site need little makeover and some improvement in everything it has. It eats your band width a lot, this is the main disadvantage of this website. But I respect the innovative idea behind this.

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Display Images in Gmail and Google Adsense

I subscribe feed of a blog via email. The feed of that blog is burned by feed burner and have one or two Google Adsense ad blocks. By default all images in the email will not be shown, and this time you would not be able to see those ads. And if you turn on to display images, it will display images as well as the ad blocks. Please look at the images below.

Display images turned OFF (By default)

Display images turned ON

It's a suggestion to all bloggers to add images to their blog. It will attract your reader to read your post and the reader will less bored (If your blog is boring like me!!!). Also it's a better idea to have some alternate texts such as "image" or "Love Story - Image" (where the image is about love story... ;) ). This will appeal reader to turn on images to see the images included in your post and in addition to this your user can able to see the ads. Happy burning your blog feed!

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Website 2107 -

I found a website, which supposed to be provide Oriya graphics to use as scraps at Orkut. They say:

Site Down For Maintenance

Sorry, this site is currently down for maintenance. It is expected to be back online on or around Oct 3rd, 2107.

Your recorded IP address is:

2107... I don't think, I will alive to see this website live!

Let me confess, I believe in numerology. For me it's some mathematics (particularly simple arithmetic), to keep myself happy and live in dreams. So according to my numerology, they have miss typed 2008 as 2107. 2007 is past, and the owner of this website may not live till 2107 to see it up. Well I was talking about numerology, 2+0+0+8 = 2+1+0+7, this is the error, I guess!!!! ;)

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Mobilize your blog now : MoFuse

MoFuse, short for Mobile Fusion, is a platform to publish your blog or other websites (with a feed) to mobile devices. This service is completely free. You can also get a completely free sub domain of . This url is also changeable. This application came as public beta 11 months ago. I came to know about this today (Thanks to Shubh).

I created the mobile version of this blog using this application. The url is: .

Not just a mobile version of your blog, you can also see the analysis of your visitors. In addition to this you can use your custom domain using DNS settings of your domain. You can change the design and color of your mobile page. You can add content like customizing homepage, adding another RSS, adding another page, adding a new link, comment widget, link to call a phone number etc. There you can get php code to redirect mobile devices to the mobile version automatically when they are visited from any mobile device, code to add widget to your website which will send your mobile url to visitors mobile, Chicklet to display number of mobile visitors (Debiprasad's Techno Expressions - MoFuse ), Mobile Badge to link to your mobile version blog from any webpage, QR Code of your mobile version.

You can also earn some revenue from the mobile visits by serving some ad from your admob and Google Adsense account. However the ad revenue will split into two parts (50/50), not bad also. You can also set one icon of your blog for iPhone.

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I miss Full Screen Option in Google Chrome - Post One Month Review

It's around one month, since Google Chrome released. Soon after release it had taken 2% of browser market. I also like most of the features in it. I have switched some special site visiting to Google Chrome. I found difficulty while downloading some files in Mozilla Firefox 3. Every time it used to get corrupted. I used Google Chrome for downloading those files and found the downloaded files are OK. So some of my http downloads are now managed by Google Chrome.

Now I prefer to watch sites with rich flash contents in Google Chrome. YouTube, (a movie booking website created in flash, it takes much time to load on a slow connection) and official movie websites, etc. fall under this category. One week back I visited the official movie website of Kidnap. There I found the website needs vertical scroll. To view it better, I thought to make it full screen. But I did not find the option to make Google Chrome full screen. I could not believe it easily, so I searched it for a long time, still did not find (If I am wrong, then please inform me).

I use Mozilla Firefox for most of the websites need authentication. It's now difficult for me to remember all my passwords and fill the login form every time. Thanks to the password manager, to save my time by managing my login information. However this password manager is also available in Google Chrome, but I miss master password option. This master password make it more secure.

Google Chrome as Stress Buster
You may not believe, but it's true. Sometimes I use Google Chrome as stress buster, by playing with the tabs. Making a new window from tabs by dragging and merging many windows to a single window is worth of fun!

Once I found Google Chrome stopped responding. But the problem was not with the application. I guess it's is due to excess heat of my hard disk. All other applications also joined Google Chrome to stop responding! It forced me to shutdown my system forcefully and give it some rest.

Please share your experience with Google Chrome and other browsers.

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