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A Virtual Printer For You

Most of the computer users don't have printers. You must have faced a situation, when you urgently need to print something, but not for immediate use. As for example you booked a ticket or registered for a pan card online and need to print that ticket or acknowledgment. But you don't have a printer connected to your system to print it. Then you have to save the web page or take screen shots to print outside. But this process is not convenient as it may look different when you print.

Here is a solution, which will help you out. You need Microsoft XPS Document Writer and Microsoft XPS Viewer. Download these here: Microsoft XML Paper Specification Essentials Pack. This is already installed in Windows Vista, you need to install these if you have Windows XP or Windows Server 2003.

Microsoft XPS Document Writer will work as a printer and save the document in a file with .xps extension. This previews your document exactly as you can see it after printing on paper. This Microsoft XPS Viewer will help you to see your XPS file via Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher. You can copy this file to a pen drive and print using any other system connected to a printer. If your default browser is not IE, then it will not show the document, instead it will prompt to download or open a file using any application. You can download Microsoft XPS Essentials Pack and using this you can see the preview of the XPS document there it self.

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