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Website 2107 -

I found a website, which supposed to be provide Oriya graphics to use as scraps at Orkut. They say:

Site Down For Maintenance

Sorry, this site is currently down for maintenance. It is expected to be back online on or around Oct 3rd, 2107.

Your recorded IP address is:

2107... I don't think, I will alive to see this website live!

Let me confess, I believe in numerology. For me it's some mathematics (particularly simple arithmetic), to keep myself happy and live in dreams. So according to my numerology, they have miss typed 2008 as 2107. 2007 is past, and the owner of this website may not live till 2107 to see it up. Well I was talking about numerology, 2+0+0+8 = 2+1+0+7, this is the error, I guess!!!! ;)

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REENKU said...

lol nice comment. dont worry you will see it up soon and also we hope your co-operation in some matter as I have gone through your blog and website.


Debiprasad said...

Well thanks for your comment. But I didn't made any comment here, it's a post. You made a comment ;)

himansu said...

Hi there!! I think therez alredy another site in the internet that caters to Oriya people by providing graphics in Oriya.Check out for found it quite interesting....

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