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Mobilize your blog now : MoFuse

MoFuse, short for Mobile Fusion, is a platform to publish your blog or other websites (with a feed) to mobile devices. This service is completely free. You can also get a completely free sub domain of . This url is also changeable. This application came as public beta 11 months ago. I came to know about this today (Thanks to Shubh).

I created the mobile version of this blog using this application. The url is: .

Not just a mobile version of your blog, you can also see the analysis of your visitors. In addition to this you can use your custom domain using DNS settings of your domain. You can change the design and color of your mobile page. You can add content like customizing homepage, adding another RSS, adding another page, adding a new link, comment widget, link to call a phone number etc. There you can get php code to redirect mobile devices to the mobile version automatically when they are visited from any mobile device, code to add widget to your website which will send your mobile url to visitors mobile, Chicklet to display number of mobile visitors (Debiprasad's Techno Expressions - MoFuse ), Mobile Badge to link to your mobile version blog from any webpage, QR Code of your mobile version.

You can also earn some revenue from the mobile visits by serving some ad from your admob and Google Adsense account. However the ad revenue will split into two parts (50/50), not bad also. You can also set one icon of your blog for iPhone.

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