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New Safety Filter in Orkut

100th Post :)

Today I saw a new safety filter in Orkut. When I clicked on a link on my friend list (it was displaying no-photo image for that contact), Orkut showed me a Warning!

The profile you wish to access may contain content that could be inappropriate for some users. Learn more »

If you would like to view the profile anyway, click proceed below.

To learn more, I found that, Orkut is trying to keep it healthy, so they have introduced safety filter, which will keep you at a distance from potentially offensive communities and profiles, their pictures and of course a warning message before displaying them.

New Safety Filter in Orkut - Image

This safety filter is already enabled by default in settings.

In the help page (click for more information), you will also find another notice:
Please keep in mind that no filter is 100% accurate, but the safety filter should eliminate most inappropriate content.

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