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SFx T Shirts for Top Foxes

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Today I checked SpreadFirefox (SFx) page to check my earned points and rank among top 250 affiliates, and I found some changes. The top 5 movers and top 5 foxes box is no longer available on it's home page. The top 250 affiliates page is not displaying any fox. From the affiliates page I found the information that they will select some affiliates from the top 250 randomly every quarter. The winners become a Featured Fox and receive an exclusive SFx Affiliates t-shirt and are promoted on the Affiliates Homepage in the Featured Fox box. On the affiliates page at the left hand side, you can see featured foxes of last quarter.

Spreadfirefox Affiliate Button

I have earned some more points before (more than 300, not remembered exactly), but now my point is 70 since some days and it's not increasing. Not sure where is the problem. Another query comes into my mind is that how the top 250 foxes will be calculated every quarter at the time of drawing.

Update - 28th Oct
Now SFx shows all top 250 foxes, but my point is not updated.

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