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Google Said Sorry

Before an hour the world saw Google saying the WWW is infected and can harm your computer. At that time, I was browsing Google Webmasters Tool and I redirected to a page, in the domain name and it said me query looks like from a virus or a spyware. Here is the image. I think this error message is somehow related to the Google Search Issue.

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Pop up ads in Orkut

I saw a pop up ad in Orkut today. This ad is served by an OpenSocial application. There are many OpenSocial applications which serve text ads, but the one I encountered today is a pop up. I hate pop up ads and so others also. This ad is invoked by a JavaScript, which runs by the OpenSource application. And some application can have malicious script, which can be dangerous. So be careful while adding a new OpenSocial application to your profile.

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HTML and CSS Reference in Mozilla Firefox - FireScope

Suppose you are designing a web page and stuck some where and then you need to refer a good resource: it may be a good book or any good reference on the web. Think, if you can get it in your browser (Mozilla Firefox - Browser boleto Firefox). It is possible now by FireScope. FireScope is a Firefox addon which works together with FireBug and provides reference material for HTML and CSS. This tool FireScope is developed by SitePoint, which provides high quality books and reference materials on web development. SitePoint also provides good reference materials for free at SitePoint Reference
Thanks Shayne Tilley.

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High Quality Free Web Reference - New SitePoint Reference

SitePoint, the popular resource for web related knowledge and skill has release their newly designed Reference site. Their you can get high quality reference for HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Now web development and learning will be more easier.
Thanks Shayne Tilley

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How to add TwitThis to your blogger blog

What is TwitThis?
TwitThis is an easy way for people to send Twitter messages about your blog post or website. When visitors to your website click on the TwitThis button or link, it takes the URL of the webpage and creates a shorter URL using TinyURL. Then visitors can send this shortened URL and a description of the web page to all of their friends on Twitter.

How to add TwitThis to your blogger blog
Goto layout page of your Blogger blog. Then click on "Edit HTML" link at the top of the page. Now check Expand Widget Templates checkbox. Now go inside div of class='post-body' (search for <div class='post-body'>) and paste the code before the end tag of paragraph (</p>).

I recommend you to use the modified code of this, as I reduced one line of JavaScript and used HTML for the link.

Code with image:

Code with Text (“TwitThis”):

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Google Your Names

It's interesting and fun to search your names in search engines, specifically Google. Sometimes you may find links related you or related to other people sharing your name. And if you want to know about any person, you may try to google their name. You may find some related information. Gone those days, when you can only get information about popular people from other websites and wikipedia etc. Allowing search engines to index profile pages of LikedIn, FaceBook, etc. made it easier for other people to make a online identity searchable be search engines. In addition to this Google also shows suggestions with any name of the person. Now you can easily find out which are the most searched and mostly available (on the world wide web) names.

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YouTube - Show On - Turn Down the Lights

The theater is dark, while watching any movie. Just think, what if they will lit up the theater, will you enjoy the movie? Surely No. Exactly, this concept applies to a white background web page with an embed video. So YouTube take a new step to Turn down the lights. By clicking on the button, the screen will be covered by a dark gray background and some unnecessary item will not be displayed there.

Just experience watching some videos with turning down the lights of the screen. You feel your eyes less tired. And when need any control or other stuffs just turn up the lights.

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Ads by Google in YouTube

Wish you a very happy new year. However it may be late to wish you, so please forgive me. Anyways this is my first post of the year.

Today I saw Google Ads on YouTube video. These ads are text ads and appears above the lower part of the video. Google added this feature to YouTube videos bit late. But one thing I dislike is Google ads covers the second related video on the screen when playback finishes. See the image below.

And I am waiting for the day, when they will show Video Advertisements before or/and after the video.

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