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After the popularity of gmail, now it's ymail. No, no....., it's not just a new mail to compete gmail! It's one of the most popular emails, Yahoo Mail. Yahoo Mail introduced email ids with as the domain name of your email. While registering for yahoo mail account you can choose your email id as, or, or or (or as per your local yahoo). So hurry, grab your ymail email before some other take it.

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Bug Me Not for

What is BugMeNot? is a web site, where you can get usernames and passwords to login to any web site which need to authenticate yourself to see its content. This ids and passwords are provided by some users itself.

I decided to check for the passwords for . And I found that: Site Blocked - This site has been barred from the bugmenot system. I also checked for other websites such as etc. I found the similar message.

But is not barred
When I checked for the in it. And found 5 ids with passwords, all with more than 50% success rate. I tried with all, but found only one as working. Anyway, if you want to use this till it got barred.

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War between Facebook and Orkut

There are a lots of websites you can find for social networking, the figure is in thousands, may be some more digits. Blocking Yahoo Messenger in our college Internet lab and the rise of popularity of orkut in India at that time invited me to orkut and soon I got addicted. Around after 2 years, I signed up for facebook and less active than orkut on it. Thanks to Kimi, for whom I am some how active in facebook. There are some other popular social networking web sites with good rich also. But I can feel a war between orkut and facebook.

About orkut
Started some years back by a young boy, now occupied by Google. A good application powered by Microsoft .net technology. Orkut keeps on adding many features day by day. It has a good reach in Brazil (Near by 54% registered users of orkut), India (17%-), United States (15%+), also in Pakistan (1%+). United Kingdom, Japan, Portugal, Afghanistan, Germany and Canada has also some less than 1% reach. 61%+ users are from age group 18 - 25 and next 12%+ from 26 - 30. In last 4 years it is improving every moment.

About facebook
I don't know more about facebook's history. But it is a very popular networking web site. In most parts of this world, mainly in Europe people love facebook, where orkut is less popular. Facebook is powered by php, the technology in which I work. This is one of the reason, probably the best reason to start liking facebook.

Now let come to the point, which I mentioned in the title. Yes, I feel there is a war between facebook and orkut. Now most of the features are similar. Most of them was available in facebook and now orkut is adding these features. e.g. tagging your friends from the album photos, adding open social applications etc. Facebook has given a scope to develop open social applications 2 years back in 2006. Few months back orkut started providing platform for developers to develop open social applications for orkut. Orkut introduced theme support, which facebook don't have. I got bored with those themes and like the default one. Another similarity in these two application is comment one photo. This was not available in orkut before. Orkut scrap book is equivalent to facebook wall.

What makes orkut special
What makes orkut special? What you will answer? (I request, please answer to this question via comment).
The navigation make me feel orkut different. It is quite easy and understandable as compared to facebook. I can't say facebook navigation is bad. Actually I got habituated with orkut type navigation. So I feel different, when I navigate through the hi logic navigation of facebook.
The second most important point is: recent visitors. I don't similar facilities at facebook. However some times this does not work correctly in Orkut.
(Some more good features I will add later.)

What makes facebook special
Photos of album loads quickly. Yes, facebook is such a great applications it responds and delivers very quickly. The photo upload java applet is also great. I have noticed many bugs in orkut, but never found a single one in facebook.
(Some more good features I will add later.)

Who will win this war? As these two are social application, the winners will be because of popularity, not for great application. Let's see what happens next...

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Spam Filter in Orkut

Now orkut will be spam free. Orkut introduced a new spam filter, which will filter all the spams and put it in spam box, as seen on email. Most probably they are using the spam filter as used in Gmail. Or they have made some modifications to customize it for orkut, as we can see spams in orkut.

Hooray, no spam here!
This is the most popular spam box empty message as seen on gmail ;) . This is the message I got when I checked my spam box. Let's see when I may welcome those spams there. Then only I may post more information.

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Community Recommendations in Orkut

Recently orkut has added a new feature to it. This is community recommendations. Here in home page, below your friends list and above your communities list, it is showing some community recommendations. Here it is showing 3 community recommendations. You can click on close, so that recommendation will not appear and one will be added to the list of 3. If you don't like this you can turn it off else if you like to view more, you can click on view all link.

This recommendations are considered according to the related communities in which you are a member or if most of your friends are in the community. In view all recommendation page, you can see Why was I recommended this?

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How to save your mobile phone dropped into water?

Yesterday accidentally my cell phone fell into the bucket of water. This is the story how I saved it.

My phone is Sony Ericsson K790i. I was listening to FM radio, when it jumped to swim. It was in water when I put my hand to pick it and still the music had not stopped. Suddenly the display turned into a rainbow colored screen. Still the radio was playing. I pullout the ear phone to stop the radio. But what should I do next. I tried to switch it off by keep pressing the power button. And the red light of camera to judge focus was glowing and after a while it dimmed itself. I was still trying to switch it off. I don't know how it got switched off. I tried to remove the battery, but the cover was tight and my hand was wet, as well as the phone. And the room was dark as there was no power. Then power came and I able to open the case and removed the battery. Then the SIM and the memory card. Then I shook it well to remove all the waters from inside and try to dry it using a cotton cloth. Then I searched in the Internet for solution. And then tried to make it dry using my USB mini vacuum cleaner. I left it for 12 hours to dry. Today morning I replaced the battery first and switched it on. It worked! Then I replaced the SIM and tried to call, and it worked. I put the memory card in and it also worked. Tried to take some photos and it is also still working.

So, my cell is OK now. But it void the warranty. Their is one sticker, which changed its color, so when I need to have call them for warranty,they will say, your phone is water damaged. What will do, if you face this situation? (I pray no one should face this problem). If the accident happens, then don't be panic and be cool remove all removable parts and let it dry completely and everything will be OK. Let it be dry using warm dry air. Don't try to heat it. Wait for more than one day if possible.

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Add Person Tag in Orkut and Make Your Friends Recognizable

Orkut recently added one feature to add person tags to album photos. You can select a portion of any photo and add your friends name to this portion. And this will tag your friend. You can do this in anyone's photo, if you can see the photo. When you will start typing your friend's name in the text input, using Ajax it will suggest your friend's name. If your friend has given any other name instead of its name, then it will not suggest the name. So you need to be sure that what your friend has given in her/his profile. If you are confused and not getting your friends name in suggestion, then open your friends list in a new window or tab and check.

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Orkut County Side Theme Footer Needs More Width

Orkut county side theme footer needs more width. This footer wraps to second line due to its length which does not fit in the allocated space. My computer resolution is 1280 x 800. If it unable to fit in 1280 pixel, what can be done?

The red marked link should be placed at the yellow marked place as per my opinion.

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SMS Me - Absolutely FREE SMS !!!

SMS Me - Absolutely FREE SMS !!! is an open social application in orkut. Using this you can send absolutely free sms to all your friends in your orkut. Your friend need to add this application to send sms to her/him. And you can send sms to anyone using this application. For this your mobile need to be verified. You need to know the mobile number of your friend if he/she has not added this application.

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document.bgColor is deprecated : How to change the background color of any web page using JavaScript

Long time back I have posted one blog, where I have used document.bgColor to change the background color of any web page or web site. When I tried this today, it did not work. I found that document.bgColor is deprecated. It did not work in any browser. Hence I search for the solution and found this.

document.bgColor is deprecated in DOM Level 2 HTML. The recommended alternative is use of the CSS style background-color which can be accessed through the DOM with Another alternative is document.body.bgColor, although this is also deprecated in HTML 4.01 in favor of the CSS alternative.

So, now if you want to change the background color of any web page or web site for better readability run the following code in the address bar of your browser.'white'; void(0);

Reference : DOM:document.bgColor - MDC

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New Theme Support in Orkut

Finally I saw the link to change the theme in orkut. The link is available near your email id at the top right. You can also choose themes tab from the settings also. By selecting a theme, will decide the way your profile page and scrapbook page appears to you and all others. You can also choose not to view any profile skins by clicking on the checkbox provided. The themes are

  • Orkut Blue - The one, the only… classic orkut
  • Beach - Sun, sand and surf, but watch out for the crab!
  • Country side - Rolling hills of green, blooming flowers, and leisurely grazing animals
  • Snowman - A snowman waits and watches in his winter wonderland
  • View from a moon - A looming planet and the starry vastness beyond
  • Bus Stop - Waiting, waiting, waiting for the bus to come
  • Winter - Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow
  • Autumn - Winter's on it's way, no more time to play
  • Spring time - The world is once again bright, shiny and new
  • JR - the friendly giant - Everyone needs a friendly giant

There are two new themes coming soon also. These are, AJA Tiger and Tea House.

Currently I have applied the View from a moon theme. But I like the classic one. After having some experience most probably I am going to switch to the classic.

When I logged into orkut, I found that the theme is default one. When I checked change theme page, I found that Snowman, View from a moon and Bus Stop came to category Coming soon! If you are using any of these meanwhile it will be changed to default automatically.

Updated (9th June 2008)
Most of the people can find some scripts, which says that it will install the designed theme with celebrities photos as background of the theme. Please never run those scripts. Those scripts will not install any theme, but will send scrap to all your friends with the message to install themes. Like this way the message will spread, but no theme will install. It can be dangerous and your account can be hacked easily. To know more please read: SQL or Script Injections in Orkut

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Broken Link in Google

Do you believe the title? I also got surprised. But this is true. "" link returns "404 Not Found" error. This link is found on Site Search Overview page of google analytics.

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No Friends Map in version of Orkut

The friends map feature is not working in the version of orkut. It is showing one alert "The Google Maps API key used on this web site was registered for a different web site. You can generate a new key for this web site at" and when u press ok, you can only showing the text "loading ...". But nothing is loading there, it is just a message, which never changes after this error.

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