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How to save your mobile phone dropped into water?

Yesterday accidentally my cell phone fell into the bucket of water. This is the story how I saved it.

My phone is Sony Ericsson K790i. I was listening to FM radio, when it jumped to swim. It was in water when I put my hand to pick it and still the music had not stopped. Suddenly the display turned into a rainbow colored screen. Still the radio was playing. I pullout the ear phone to stop the radio. But what should I do next. I tried to switch it off by keep pressing the power button. And the red light of camera to judge focus was glowing and after a while it dimmed itself. I was still trying to switch it off. I don't know how it got switched off. I tried to remove the battery, but the cover was tight and my hand was wet, as well as the phone. And the room was dark as there was no power. Then power came and I able to open the case and removed the battery. Then the SIM and the memory card. Then I shook it well to remove all the waters from inside and try to dry it using a cotton cloth. Then I searched in the Internet for solution. And then tried to make it dry using my USB mini vacuum cleaner. I left it for 12 hours to dry. Today morning I replaced the battery first and switched it on. It worked! Then I replaced the SIM and tried to call, and it worked. I put the memory card in and it also worked. Tried to take some photos and it is also still working.

So, my cell is OK now. But it void the warranty. Their is one sticker, which changed its color, so when I need to have call them for warranty,they will say, your phone is water damaged. What will do, if you face this situation? (I pray no one should face this problem). If the accident happens, then don't be panic and be cool remove all removable parts and let it dry completely and everything will be OK. Let it be dry using warm dry air. Don't try to heat it. Wait for more than one day if possible.

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