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War between Facebook and Orkut

There are a lots of websites you can find for social networking, the figure is in thousands, may be some more digits. Blocking Yahoo Messenger in our college Internet lab and the rise of popularity of orkut in India at that time invited me to orkut and soon I got addicted. Around after 2 years, I signed up for facebook and less active than orkut on it. Thanks to Kimi, for whom I am some how active in facebook. There are some other popular social networking web sites with good rich also. But I can feel a war between orkut and facebook.

About orkut
Started some years back by a young boy, now occupied by Google. A good application powered by Microsoft .net technology. Orkut keeps on adding many features day by day. It has a good reach in Brazil (Near by 54% registered users of orkut), India (17%-), United States (15%+), also in Pakistan (1%+). United Kingdom, Japan, Portugal, Afghanistan, Germany and Canada has also some less than 1% reach. 61%+ users are from age group 18 - 25 and next 12%+ from 26 - 30. In last 4 years it is improving every moment.

About facebook
I don't know more about facebook's history. But it is a very popular networking web site. In most parts of this world, mainly in Europe people love facebook, where orkut is less popular. Facebook is powered by php, the technology in which I work. This is one of the reason, probably the best reason to start liking facebook.

Now let come to the point, which I mentioned in the title. Yes, I feel there is a war between facebook and orkut. Now most of the features are similar. Most of them was available in facebook and now orkut is adding these features. e.g. tagging your friends from the album photos, adding open social applications etc. Facebook has given a scope to develop open social applications 2 years back in 2006. Few months back orkut started providing platform for developers to develop open social applications for orkut. Orkut introduced theme support, which facebook don't have. I got bored with those themes and like the default one. Another similarity in these two application is comment one photo. This was not available in orkut before. Orkut scrap book is equivalent to facebook wall.

What makes orkut special
What makes orkut special? What you will answer? (I request, please answer to this question via comment).
The navigation make me feel orkut different. It is quite easy and understandable as compared to facebook. I can't say facebook navigation is bad. Actually I got habituated with orkut type navigation. So I feel different, when I navigate through the hi logic navigation of facebook.
The second most important point is: recent visitors. I don't similar facilities at facebook. However some times this does not work correctly in Orkut.
(Some more good features I will add later.)

What makes facebook special
Photos of album loads quickly. Yes, facebook is such a great applications it responds and delivers very quickly. The photo upload java applet is also great. I have noticed many bugs in orkut, but never found a single one in facebook.
(Some more good features I will add later.)

Who will win this war? As these two are social application, the winners will be because of popularity, not for great application. Let's see what happens next...

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