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Don't spend time on the bug someone already fixed

Bug, a integrate part of development. If you have developed some application, then there may be some bug. If you are unable to find a bug, that does not mean that the code is 100% perfect. And we learn many things from the bug. In my case, if I unable to find at least two bugs from my code, then I think there is something seriously wrong (Still I am a good coder ;) ). Some bugs easily fixed and some take more time to fix. If you have a good experience, then there may be a chance that you can fix the bug easily, you may be come across it before. Think, if you seeing the bug for the first time and you have no clue about the reason and the solution? You may end with wasting a lot of your valuable time.

Their goal:

No human should work on an error that has already been solved.

I am talking about an interesting platform, It's am Error Search and Collaboration tool, which helps you search for errors that other people have encountered. And the logic is quite simple, but great: why should you spend time on the error, if someone already fixed it? Using this is also quite simple. Just type something about your error and you will find a list of errors matching with your keywords. And you can get the solution there. They will you your email id (optional), so that you can create a profile for you and track all your error, fixes etc. In 48 hours, they will ask you, how you solved this problem.

It not only searches in its own database, but also searches in Microsoft, Apple, RedHat support sites and Linux forums. With addition to searching for your error, you can also download some tools for your browser,

Also you can create a free error database for your company at

And the registration is very easy, just give an email id and your profile is created. Everything is good, but only thing I am thinking about, why it's not asking me any password while log in!

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Rs 700 investment worths Rs 1.5 Lacs

I got one online tool Stimator some days back, which estimates the value of your website. In curiosity I checked Love Orkut value there. Then it showed me some value just above to $3000 (approximately 1.5 lacs in INR) [now it shows $411 - market crashed down :( ].

Well let me tell you about Love Orkut, I started it in the early 2008. Registered domain name for Rs 295 and opted for a free hosting at xtreemhost. Selected a free template for the design from Open Source Web Design and started coding (in PHP and MySQL) for the website. Collected scraps, testimonials from my old collection and searched some good photos from Flickr, Loving Hugs, Photo Bucket etc. to add the most popular section, Photo Scraps. I have not counted the time spent on it. If I could have a track of this, then I could tell you better, if I am in profit or in loss. I added many things to this, which does not cost anyone: love, passion, knowledge, experience etc. It took time for me to earn money from this site, but I got increase in it's visibility. The number of page loads, unique visitors, direct visitors and returning visitors increasing day by day (Still I can manage this in free hosting).

In last one year the money I able to make is just above INR 10,000. I spend another 400 rupees for renewing the domain name. In this way I invested Rs 700. Let me justify its value for INR 1.5 Lac. If you deposit INR 1.5 Lac in Post Office Monthly Income Scheme (8% interest rate per yer, calculated and credited each month and goes for 6 years, after maturity pays 15% bonus with the face deposit), you can earn INR 1000 each month. I am earning more than that (not for doing anything, what I do for this site is not for today, for future) each month! In this way it worth INR 1.5 lac.

Till when I can run and earn from it:

  • When Orkut will be shut down or banned (in India, I got most of the visitors from India)
  • When people stop using Orkut
  • When people will be get bored with the old contents
  • When I will not renew the domain name
  • And some unknown reason

And then I will lost all of 1.5 lac or more, which never happens when you invest money in other places. So this is my 700 Bucks story. If you have any idea to execute (don't worry, if it's a small one), please execute and you will be happy and successful in future. Let me know, if you need any kind of help.

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IE 7 Renders Image Badly

I got surprised when I saw IE 7 is rendering some image so badly, whereas Firefox is rendering it perfectly. No more to say, this picture will tell you all.

Deb read this post and came with the solution. He asked to use
img { -ms-interpolation-mode:bicubic; }
in CSS. I used this and now IE 7 renders the images properly. He treats this as non standard MS proprietary CSS. About the problem he explains: if the image is being stretched a bit, or is bigger than it is supposed to be IE does not scale it properly. Many thanks to him for sharing this bit of knowledge. If you are searching for any image rendering problem in IE can use this bit of CSS. Many thanks to Deb.

Deb is a freelancer who designs XHTML/CSS. You can see his portfolio and hire him for all your markup related jobs.

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How to use PDT Eclipse for a PHP project

Here I have explained how to create a workspace and a php project using PDT Eclipse. PDT Eclipse can be downloaded here. If you have any queries, please feel free to ask me.

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Where is IST (GMT + 05.5)

I was filling a form in a website and found the drop down list for timezone has listed all timezones which differs from GMT by a multiple of an hour. So many timezones which differs by a multiple of an hour plus 30 minutes are out of the list, and IST (GMT + 05.5) is out of the list. So how can I feel it? One thing I am thinking, the developer who developed that form is unaware of all timezones, or thinks every timezone only differs by a multiple of an hour? Or it may be an error while coding which makes those timezones out?

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