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Don't spend time on the bug someone already fixed

Bug, a integrate part of development. If you have developed some application, then there may be some bug. If you are unable to find a bug, that does not mean that the code is 100% perfect. And we learn many things from the bug. In my case, if I unable to find at least two bugs from my code, then I think there is something seriously wrong (Still I am a good coder ;) ). Some bugs easily fixed and some take more time to fix. If you have a good experience, then there may be a chance that you can fix the bug easily, you may be come across it before. Think, if you seeing the bug for the first time and you have no clue about the reason and the solution? You may end with wasting a lot of your valuable time.

Their goal:

No human should work on an error that has already been solved.

I am talking about an interesting platform, It's am Error Search and Collaboration tool, which helps you search for errors that other people have encountered. And the logic is quite simple, but great: why should you spend time on the error, if someone already fixed it? Using this is also quite simple. Just type something about your error and you will find a list of errors matching with your keywords. And you can get the solution there. They will you your email id (optional), so that you can create a profile for you and track all your error, fixes etc. In 48 hours, they will ask you, how you solved this problem.

It not only searches in its own database, but also searches in Microsoft, Apple, RedHat support sites and Linux forums. With addition to searching for your error, you can also download some tools for your browser,

Also you can create a free error database for your company at

And the registration is very easy, just give an email id and your profile is created. Everything is good, but only thing I am thinking about, why it's not asking me any password while log in!

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