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A Good Free Antivirus for You

Many friends often ask me, "I have (oops... my system) infected by a virus", "Hey, tell me good Antivirus", "I got a new PC, give me all good (they call it good, I say essentials) software you have"... so on. As I am helpful in nature, end up with spending some time to guide them step by step to fix there issue. They why should not I write about this? So here it is.

A good Antivirus
A good Antivirus is an essential part of your healthy PC. What are the basics of a good Antivirus then? In my opinion,

  • It should use less resource as it need to run in the background always for residential protection, so that when any known virus tries to get into the system, it can restrict
  • It should update its virus database frequently so that it can know which is a virus as soon as possible
  • Can able to delete or move to chest (jail ;^) ) any virus,
  • Can able to remove the virus from memory, even before booting completes (boot time scan)
From the above mentioned points, I consider Avast 4.8 Home Edition is good for me and most of the other people. The advantages are:
  • It's free for personal use
  • Uses very less resource as compared to the big guys in this field
  • Automatically updates it's virus database more than once daily (Your system need to be connected to internet for this), for those don't have internet connection, can download updates for and run in there system
  • Scans your system completely, having residential protection and on access scanner (scans every file upon read and write)
  • Having a boot time scan features which cleans all the virus who run while system startup
It has only one disadvantage is that you can't schedule scan, but I never felt it's necessity in my use.

How to start using Avast?
  • Go to and download Avast 4.8 Home Edition from this page.
  • Remove all other Antivirus installed in your system.
  • Install Avast Antivirus. If your system is not connected to the Internet or network, then you can customize the installation by not installing Instant Messaging, Internet Mail, Network Shield, Outlook/Exchange, P2P Shield and Web Shield. Only Standard Shield is enough. So that it'll use less resource. Else go by default settings.
  • While installing it, one option will come to schedule boot time scan. Say yes to it, and while rebooting your system it will scan your system, this way it cleans many worms and virus from many systems. This is an most important step.
  • While boot time scan, it often shows that some virus or worm is in windows folder, and asks for confirmation to delete. Don't mind, delete it without any worries. This often happens with worms of Brontok family.
  • Get your 1 yr free registration key from this url. You can renew it after 1 yr, for free.
  • Open avast and enter the registration key on the starting screen.
Updating Avast
It updates itself very frequently (more than once a day), if the system is connected to the Internet. Otherwise go to this url and download update and run it in your system, it very easy and convenient as compared to some other Antivirus. You should do this as often as you can (I suggest download it whenever you go to Internet cafe), not less than once a month.

My experience with Avast
I came to know about it from Digit magazine. After some months they provided it in their CD. Before that I have tried some other free Antiviruses including AVG. Then I tried Avast once and never looked back. Then some friends told me that they are infected and I installed Avast in their systems and removed thousands of virus, worms, Trojans from their system. Some also started calling me as virus killer. Rahul, one of my best friends become such a big fan of Avast that he remembered the license key of Avast (The fun fact is that, he remembered my license key and forgot his). Another friend Subhendu started calling it as Agasti for fun. If I could add all the number of virus I removed from all the systems, it would be in some lac. I am using Avast since 2005 and never got infected. If any more information needed, then please post a comment here.

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Gtalk Chat inside Orkut

Gtalk Chat inside Orkut - image
Few days back I posted that you can change your online status (Orkut or Gtalk) from Orkut. I was incomplete. I did not notice that we can invoke chat as we do inside Gmail, just by clicking on the available icon of any friend, who are online.

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Make a list larger than you can think

Google Sets is a service from Google Lab, which creates a list or set for you from a set of few items. There are two options: to get a Large set or a Small set (15 items or fewer). As per example if you want to create a list of search engines and you know a few, just type those few items and Google Sets will create a Larger set or list of many search engines. Another example if you provide one or more names of Bollywood actors, then it will list so many actors' names, and some terms related to these.

However, I found some terms which is not related to the set you want to create, in the set of all Bollywood actors, the terms India, Mumbai, Britney Spears, Angelina Jolie are OK, but what "html guider" is doing here? Also it's not difficult to filter out these odds out manually from the set. And I believe people will find many innovative ways to use it.

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Search YouTube Videos from any Emebed Video

youtube embed search

Now you can search YouTube videos from any YouTube video embedded in any site. Just move your move towards upper portion of the video, and your will see a search box is appearing there. And the result will be displayed in that player also the video. No need to visit for more.

youtube embed search result

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Now Control Your Gtalk Status from Orkut

Update: Now you can chat in Gtalk inside Orkut as you do inside Gtalk
Control Your Gtalk Status from Orkut
Orkut introduced a new feature to control your Gtalk status (available, busy, invisible and offline) and also Orkut online status if you are not logged on to Gtalk. If you are also logged on in Gtalk, the change you make at Orkut interface will immediately applied to your Gtalk. Only one exception is if you make your status as offline at Orkut interface, you will not be logged out from Gtalk and no changes will be there. If you are using Gtalk IM software for Gtalk, then the invisible will not work, as Gtalk (IM windows client) does not support invisible feature.

And if you are not logged into Gtalk, you can also change your status. If you have opened Orkut page and busy with other page, then after some interval, it will automatically goes idle.

Control Your Gtalk Status from Orkut - Header bar
You can change this status below your profile photo in your home page and at the header bar near your email address. However Gtalk Video and Voice symbol not works here.

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Where are my Tweets - Bug of Twitter

Twitter Updates Count Bug
Sometimes twitter shows 0 updates in the home page. And again clicking on home link, it shows actual number of updates. I noticed it twice in these days.

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No commercilization of YouTube video

As Google updates the TOS of YouTube, I removed all the ad blocks from Oriya Video Songs. So now there is no commercialization of YouTube videos, but Oriya video lovers can watch those videos. However there is a search box (uses Adsense for Search) and it displays ad on a separate page, where there is no YouTube videos embedded. This is legal and becomes only source of revenue from this.

Thanks Amit for this info.

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Google Search Result Hijacking

I was searching for "nariman house" to know more about it. Most of the results are from news websites, so I was looking for any wikipedia link. There on second page, I found a suspicious result. Please look at the image below to understand it.

When I opened this link it forwarded to a page ( and started showing some fictitious system scan animation and reported that my system contains threats. And on clicking on any part of a pop-up look like window, prompts to download a executable file which they call as windows antivirus and tells that it can remove spyware. The download location is . It's a kind of advertisement. Whatever it be, it's noway related to the search result. See this video for more understanding.

Now again I tried to capture these events, the link redirects to a Google custom search engine page with results for "nariman house". Again when I clicked on the result it showed me the Google custom search engine page.

I don't understand how the result came in Google search result and what to call it? I named it as Google Search Result Hijacking. If you can suggest any good name, this may be better.

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Getting Real - Good Book About Building Web Apps

Looking for smarter, faster and easier ways to build a good web application? Here it is: Getting Real. This is the business, design, programming, and marketing philosophies of 37signals — a developer of web-based software used by over 1 million people and businesses in 70 countries. 37 signals used unconventional methods to launch five successful web-based applications (Basecamp, Campfire, Backpack, Writeboard, Ta-da List), and Ruby on Rails, an open-source web application framework, in just two years with no funding, no debt, and only 7 people. You can find these methodology in this book. This book is available in paperback @ $25 and in pdf @ $19. And the good news is you can read this book online for free.

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How people rate themselves in a meter

You must be knowing about rating yourself in a meter. Suppose, you are facing an interview and the interviewer asked you rate your knowledge in aTech (aTech is a dummy name for a subject, given as example) form 10. Now it's your turn to say how much you know in aTech, considering the total aTech as 10. Consider there are 100 features (according to your knowledge, may be ) in aTech and you are expert in 88s of them, then you will rate yourself 8.8/10. But the question raises here, are you sure that there are 100 features in aTech? And you know 88% of the real aTech? There may be 143 features or even more. But as you said you know 88% of aTech, and in real there are 147 features, then you should know 130 functions. And the person who is taking your interview, how will he rate you from your answer? If he knows clearly about 47 features and thinks there are 50 features in total, then he will rate himself as 9.4 and consider his knowledge is more than you, in fact he knows less than you. And at the other side, if he knows about 100 features and thinks there are 125 features, then rates himself as 8 and consider that he know less than you, in fact he knows more than you. So do you think this method of self rating anyone's knowledge is a valid one?

For the reason described above, I don't like to rate myself in that meter, but I have one strong point in support of this, i.e. self confidence, it only shows how confident you are. This post may be confusing.

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Have You Saved 9-77-33-00000 in Your Mobile or Not

Get cricket scores, Indian Railways train schedules & ticket status, horoscopes, movie showtimes, restaurant information and more ...all through SMS on your phone.

Yes, this is a free service from Google Mobile. You will not be charged any premium charge for this. Only you will have to pay the local SMS charge to send the SMS, which is very less as per your plan. (Max Re 1 in some mobiles, else very cheap in other plans, some has also free SMS facility). There are few services available from the mobile operators and other service providers who charge you to give you information. Now forget those use Google SMS.

When you need any information on the go,just type the keywords and send to 9-77-33-00000. Such as Pizza near your area, movie timing, train schedule, railway pnr status or any other info.

Don't use this to search regular queries as you do it at Google search. Else you will get no result and your money will be lost for sending that SMS. So visit this page and have some experiment there with their interactive demo, to know it better. e.g. if you search for cricket, you can get live cricket scores, but if you search for football, it will not return any result. So, don't forget to save 9-77-33-00000 to your mobile phone book, do it now!

Google is available as a word, in most dictionaries, which explains about the Google search or Google company. But not google (starts with small g). This is same for the dictionary of Mozilla Firefox. And I also find it in T9 dictionary of my mobile phone (Sony Ericsson K 790i).

I found that many people complain regarding that their mobile operators are charging more money than standard (treated as local in general) SMS tariff. RIM is charging Rs 3, where Airtel (local SMS 50 paisa, National Re 1 and International Rs 3) charging Rs 1.50 paisa. Please share your experience with it.

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Spelling Suggestion in Firefox Search Toolbar

You must have seen spelling suggestions when you type anything wrong and searched in Google. (Did you mean: ***). I found something similar here while searching for any term in Google directly from Mozilla Firefox search toolbar. If you type any misspelled word, in auto suggest, it will show the corrected terms. e.g. when I started typing "plagiria", it suggested me "plagiarism" and related searches. This helps us to save our time as compared to searching the misspelled term and then getting suggestion on the result page.

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Different Gravatar for Same Email Id

I got two comments for a single person at the same time (both comment have the same email id) on my wordpress blog, but the Gravatar are different in two comments. According to the specification the Gravatars should be unique for each email id.

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Hordit Beta Program is Now Open

What is Hordit?

Hordit is a online service where you can save all of your valuable items in one place. You don't need a separate bookmarking site, photo site, and RSS feed reader. And I (also those guys at hordit) don't know of any service that allows you to also save documents, PDFs, notes, and more. To know more about it please visit: faq.

Now they decided to open the beta program and allow Hordit users to invite new members
to store and share with them! So they are sending beta codes to theirs users, so that their users can distribute them with their friends and colleagues. I also got some beta codes. If you want a hordit account, then please visit and click the blue signup button.

Here are the codes:


Update: Now no need of these beta codes. Anyone can register without these code.

And as an extra incentive, they give a free Hordit t-shirt to the first 50 people to get 5 new users to sign up!
As an extra incentive, the top 15 recruiters between now and December 19th will earn a fashionable Hordit t-shirt!

Thanks Shubh

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A Middle Click of Your Mouse

Very less people aware about the 3rd button of their mouse. They only know the left button, right button and scroll wheel. But they don't know that if they press the wheel, this will work as the third button or middle click. And using this 3rd button or middle click they can do several things in their computer life. Let's discuss about this third button/middle click use.

The most popular use of this third button is to scroll any web page or similar scrollable pages. Just click the middle button and move your mouse pointer where you want to scroll (continuous scroll, till it reaches top, end, left or right). It works for up, down, left and right (both vertical and horizontal scrolls). The distance between the point where you make the middle click and the current position of the cursor decides the speed of scrolling, if you keep it near, then the page will scroll slowly else if the distance is more, it will scroll fast.

Another most important use is Open Link in a New Tab. Middle click on any link on any webpage, it will open in a new tab. It works in all the browsers with tabbed browsing feature.

Another common use of third button is in Computer Games. Many games uses this button as a control. If you are a gamer, then must be knowing this.

Another use (but not that good) of it to close any tab in Mozilla Firefox. Just make a middle click and that tab will be closed.

Among all those uses, I use this to open a link in a new tab frequently. There are other uses of it and I may not aware of it. If you know any other use please comment here.

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A Spelling Mistake can Keep You on the Top

A spelling mistake... everyone does. Frequent reasons for these are less familiarity or use of that word and typo error. Typo errors frequently occurs when we type at a fast speed and not familiar with the keyboard layout. When you have spelling mistakes in your blog, your readers may not like them. But Google Bot have no problem with any spelling mistake. It indexes without any hassle. Then how it can be benefited? Simple..., like you do spelling mistake while typing something, many people also make spelling mistake while typing keywords for search. If Google found that misspelled term in any website or blog, it displayed in the result. So there is a chance (however less, as Google shows spelling suggestions for search keywords) that the person may pay a visit to that website or blog.

I came to know these when I was checking top keywords for this blog in Google Webmasters Tool. I misspelled the word trends as treands and many people search for "google treands". This term comes in top ten keywords for this blog and this blog is also listed in top ten of that result. However I never get any visitors from this.

I use mozilla firefox and it's spelling suggestion is also turned on. I wonder how I made that spelling mistake!!! Anyways, it give some fuel to write something useless. ;)

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How to See Solutions in for Free

Experts Exchange provides very nice solutions to many questions regarding coding. But when you come to this site (also if you come from Google) you can see the question and answers like this:

All comments and solutions are available to Premium Service Members only. Sign-up to view the solution to this question.

Already a member? Login to view this solution.

After this you can see all the categories listed. At this point people left this site, as they think this is the end (footer) of this page. But all the answers are below that. This is the reason why this site is indexed in Google.

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Add Events in Orkut

Orkut added a new feature to it, called events. Now you can add any event to your Orkut account, and invite any friends too. Here are three privacy levels: open - anyone can see and join , public - anyone can see but only invited guests can join and private, only invited people can see and join. It seems to be nice sub application, and let's see it's popularity.

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Who Promotes Internet Explorer

I found that many web applications, most particularly online banking applications is only made for Internet Explorer. They simply do not support for any other browsers. If you are using Windows and but like any browser other than IE, you can just open IE to login to your online banking application. What if you are using a platform other than Windows?

Another important concern is security. As we know Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome are more secure than IE, so it's not wise to make your online banking application which works only in IE. And another thought is that making your application compatible for all platforms and browsers will give some job to the developers, hence may reduce pink slips.

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Listen to your PDF Document

Many people like to listen over reading. If you have any stories, ebooks or any other PDF document and want to listen instead of reading them, this post is worth reading for you. You don't need any high priced software for this. Adobe Reader, the most used application for reading PDFs (also free), can read out the PDFs loud. In the menu, go to View -> Read Out Loud -> Activate Read Out Loud (Keyboard shortcut: Shift + Ctrl + Y). Then there you can find other options under the same menu (View -> Read Out Loud) such as Read This page only (Keyboard shortcut: Shift + Ctrl + V), Read To End of Document (Keyboard shortcut: Shift + Ctrl + B), Pause Keyboard (shortcut: Shift + Ctrl + C) and Stop (Keyboard shortcut: Shift + Ctrl + E).

The voice reader is also intelligent. It reads $77 as Seventy Seven Dollar, , 11/01/08 as November first zero eight, Hero#1 as Hero Number one, etc. However it reads 10/month as ten slash month instead of 10 per month. I am having version 8.1.2, however the version 9 is available for download. So, now enjoy listening to your PDFs.

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Google Labs SMS Channels Shortens Your Message

Google Labs SMS Channels gives a free service to send SMS to a network, it may be a friends group or group of a people subscribed to a channel. I found that it uses some logic to shorten the contents of message to keep it within 150 characters (When it gets contents from a feed, then there are chances of length of more than one characters). To give you as much content as possible, they replace the content with short codes. As for example, to is replaced by 2, your is replaced by ur, for is replaced by 4, etc.

One interested replacement I found with it is, it once removed slashes (/) from a URL in the message. The url was http:is.gd4P47 in the SMS.

Subscribe this blog in SMS (Free)

Google Labs SMS Channels Shortens Your MessageSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend TwitThis links to wrong permalink (in my opinion... india), is a web site where you can find some updated posts around the world. These entries added to this website by registered users. But the entries are linking to different post of my blog. As for example Spam Filter in Orkut post links to SMS Me - Absolutely FREE SMS !!! post. links to wrong permalinkSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend TwitThis

SFx T Shirts for Top Foxes

exclusive SFX T-shirt - image
Today I checked SpreadFirefox (SFx) page to check my earned points and rank among top 250 affiliates, and I found some changes. The top 5 movers and top 5 foxes box is no longer available on it's home page. The top 250 affiliates page is not displaying any fox. From the affiliates page I found the information that they will select some affiliates from the top 250 randomly every quarter. The winners become a Featured Fox and receive an exclusive SFx Affiliates t-shirt and are promoted on the Affiliates Homepage in the Featured Fox box. On the affiliates page at the left hand side, you can see featured foxes of last quarter.

Spreadfirefox Affiliate Button

I have earned some more points before (more than 300, not remembered exactly), but now my point is 70 since some days and it's not increasing. Not sure where is the problem. Another query comes into my mind is that how the top 250 foxes will be calculated every quarter at the time of drawing.

Update - 28th Oct
Now SFx shows all top 250 foxes, but my point is not updated.

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Diwali Gifts from Jaxtr - Free Jax and a Premium Membership

Today I got a mail from Jaxtr, where they informed me that they have added free Jax (points to make call) and a premium membership for free, as a Diwali gift so that I can call my friends and family, for free. Now I have 50 Jax. Let make some special calls on Diwali.

Wish you a very happy and safe Diwali.

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MeGlobe : Chat in Your Own Language Always

MeGlobe is a free chat service, where you can chat in your own language (not every language works here) and the person with whom you will chat can see your message in their own language. Now it supports English, Français, Español, Italiano, Português, Deutsch, 日本語, Русский, Nederlands, Ελληνικά, 한국어, العربية, Svenska, 简体中文 and 繁體中文.

MeGlobe : Chat in Your Own Language AlwaysSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend TwitThis : 100% Ad Revenue Sharing WordPress Blog

Blogpico offers Free WordPress powered blog, which shares 100% ad revenue of Google Adsense ads with the users. It make it better than which have a similar offer of sharing ad revenue by 60-40 policy. If you want a WordPress powered free blog with ads on the page, then grab one. That will be a free WordPress powered blog monetized from the beginning. : 100% Ad Revenue Sharing WordPress BlogSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend TwitThis

View Conversation in Orkut

Now you can see conversations you do using Orkut scrap book. A scrap will be considered as a part of conversation, if you reply using the reply link below the scrap message. It's good to see all conversations at one place. This conversion is updated from 21st Oct., so the scraps posted before this date will not be a part of a conversation. This is somewhat similar to wall to wall of Facebook. In wall to wall you can see all messages posted to wall, but here in Orkut, you can see a actual conversation.

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Roadside Romeo - Game and Widget

Roadside Romeo introduced widgets to update about the movie. This features widgets (you can also say OpenSocial applications) for myspace, facebook, myyearbook, vista, yahoo,google, live, netvibes, hi5, freewebs, xanga, friendster, tagged, blackplanet, blogger, univision, typepad, livejournal, wordpress, hoverspot, multiply, econs, pageflakes, webwag, orkut, vox, piczo, perfspot and squidoo. And embed code and email service is also available for this widget.

Roadside Romeo is also introduced a game, is very addictive. I played for sometime and moved up to second level. Have fun.

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New Safety Filter in Orkut

100th Post :)

Today I saw a new safety filter in Orkut. When I clicked on a link on my friend list (it was displaying no-photo image for that contact), Orkut showed me a Warning!

The profile you wish to access may contain content that could be inappropriate for some users. Learn more »

If you would like to view the profile anyway, click proceed below.

To learn more, I found that, Orkut is trying to keep it healthy, so they have introduced safety filter, which will keep you at a distance from potentially offensive communities and profiles, their pictures and of course a warning message before displaying them.

New Safety Filter in Orkut - Image

This safety filter is already enabled by default in settings.

In the help page (click for more information), you will also find another notice:
Please keep in mind that no filter is 100% accurate, but the safety filter should eliminate most inappropriate content.

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A Virtual Printer For You

Most of the computer users don't have printers. You must have faced a situation, when you urgently need to print something, but not for immediate use. As for example you booked a ticket or registered for a pan card online and need to print that ticket or acknowledgment. But you don't have a printer connected to your system to print it. Then you have to save the web page or take screen shots to print outside. But this process is not convenient as it may look different when you print.

Here is a solution, which will help you out. You need Microsoft XPS Document Writer and Microsoft XPS Viewer. Download these here: Microsoft XML Paper Specification Essentials Pack. This is already installed in Windows Vista, you need to install these if you have Windows XP or Windows Server 2003.

Microsoft XPS Document Writer will work as a printer and save the document in a file with .xps extension. This previews your document exactly as you can see it after printing on paper. This Microsoft XPS Viewer will help you to see your XPS file via Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher. You can copy this file to a pen drive and print using any other system connected to a printer. If your default browser is not IE, then it will not show the document, instead it will prompt to download or open a file using any application. You can download Microsoft XPS Essentials Pack and using this you can see the preview of the XPS document there it self.

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Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Text Editing

Today I read a blog Keyboard Shortcut to Jump Over Words. This reminded me to post all the similar shortcuts I am using while editing any text or code.

To move by words
To move by words hold down Ctrl key, and press left arrow to move towards left or right arrow to move towards right.

To move to the first or last character of the file or text area
To move to the first character of the file or text area, use the combination Ctrl + Home. Similarly to move to the last character of the file or text area, use the combination Ctrl + End.

You can add Shift key to these combination to select text faster. Generally when you hold down Shift and press right or left arrows then the text got selected character wise and if you press up or down arrows, it selects line wise.

To select text word by word
To select text word by word, hold down Shift and Crtl, then press left or right arrow.

To select text to the first/last character (home/end) from a point
To select text from a point to the start character (Home) of the line, use Shift + Home. Similarly, to select text from a point to the last character (End) of the line, use Shift + End.

To select all text from a point to the start/end of file or text area
To select all text from a point to the start of file or text area, use Shift + Ctrl + Home. Similarly, to select all text from a point to the end of file or text area, use Shift + Ctrl + End

This shortcuts work in most of the text editors, rich text editors and Text Area and text input of a web page html form. However jumping by words or part of a string separated by . (dot), _ (underscore) and /, \ (slashes) behave differently in different editors.

I am using this since a long time, but did not learned it from somewhere, hope this will be useful.

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WordPress RSS Feed Widget Error after Burning Feed

I started burning the feed of this blog at Feedproxy via Google Adsense. I also updated the new burned feed url in the settings of this blog, so that the default url ( will be forwarded to new burned feed url (

WordPress RSS Feed Widget Error after Burning Feed

Now I found that the RSS feed widget in my WordPress hosted blog was showing one error message. This widget fails, when the old feed url redirects to new burned feed url and displays the error message. This made me to change the url to new burned feed url in the edit settings of WordPress RSS Feed Widget.

So if you are burning your feeds, then please try to check, where you have given the old feed url, is it working or not?

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AlphaInventions - An Innovative Idea - Updated Blogs in Real time

When I was checking statistics of one of my WordPress blog, I found a referrer Curiously, I checked what is this and found something innovative. This is a website where you can see recently updated blogs around the blogosphere in real time. Generally this type of sites shows feeds. But this shows the site there itself. To understand this website you need to visit this site.

This site need little makeover and some improvement in everything it has. It eats your band width a lot, this is the main disadvantage of this website. But I respect the innovative idea behind this.

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Display Images in Gmail and Google Adsense

I subscribe feed of a blog via email. The feed of that blog is burned by feed burner and have one or two Google Adsense ad blocks. By default all images in the email will not be shown, and this time you would not be able to see those ads. And if you turn on to display images, it will display images as well as the ad blocks. Please look at the images below.

Display images turned OFF (By default)

Display images turned ON

It's a suggestion to all bloggers to add images to their blog. It will attract your reader to read your post and the reader will less bored (If your blog is boring like me!!!). Also it's a better idea to have some alternate texts such as "image" or "Love Story - Image" (where the image is about love story... ;) ). This will appeal reader to turn on images to see the images included in your post and in addition to this your user can able to see the ads. Happy burning your blog feed!

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Website 2107 -

I found a website, which supposed to be provide Oriya graphics to use as scraps at Orkut. They say:

Site Down For Maintenance

Sorry, this site is currently down for maintenance. It is expected to be back online on or around Oct 3rd, 2107.

Your recorded IP address is:

2107... I don't think, I will alive to see this website live!

Let me confess, I believe in numerology. For me it's some mathematics (particularly simple arithmetic), to keep myself happy and live in dreams. So according to my numerology, they have miss typed 2008 as 2107. 2007 is past, and the owner of this website may not live till 2107 to see it up. Well I was talking about numerology, 2+0+0+8 = 2+1+0+7, this is the error, I guess!!!! ;)

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Mobilize your blog now : MoFuse

MoFuse, short for Mobile Fusion, is a platform to publish your blog or other websites (with a feed) to mobile devices. This service is completely free. You can also get a completely free sub domain of . This url is also changeable. This application came as public beta 11 months ago. I came to know about this today (Thanks to Shubh).

I created the mobile version of this blog using this application. The url is: .

Not just a mobile version of your blog, you can also see the analysis of your visitors. In addition to this you can use your custom domain using DNS settings of your domain. You can change the design and color of your mobile page. You can add content like customizing homepage, adding another RSS, adding another page, adding a new link, comment widget, link to call a phone number etc. There you can get php code to redirect mobile devices to the mobile version automatically when they are visited from any mobile device, code to add widget to your website which will send your mobile url to visitors mobile, Chicklet to display number of mobile visitors (Debiprasad's Techno Expressions - MoFuse ), Mobile Badge to link to your mobile version blog from any webpage, QR Code of your mobile version.

You can also earn some revenue from the mobile visits by serving some ad from your admob and Google Adsense account. However the ad revenue will split into two parts (50/50), not bad also. You can also set one icon of your blog for iPhone.

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I miss Full Screen Option in Google Chrome - Post One Month Review

It's around one month, since Google Chrome released. Soon after release it had taken 2% of browser market. I also like most of the features in it. I have switched some special site visiting to Google Chrome. I found difficulty while downloading some files in Mozilla Firefox 3. Every time it used to get corrupted. I used Google Chrome for downloading those files and found the downloaded files are OK. So some of my http downloads are now managed by Google Chrome.

Now I prefer to watch sites with rich flash contents in Google Chrome. YouTube, (a movie booking website created in flash, it takes much time to load on a slow connection) and official movie websites, etc. fall under this category. One week back I visited the official movie website of Kidnap. There I found the website needs vertical scroll. To view it better, I thought to make it full screen. But I did not find the option to make Google Chrome full screen. I could not believe it easily, so I searched it for a long time, still did not find (If I am wrong, then please inform me).

I use Mozilla Firefox for most of the websites need authentication. It's now difficult for me to remember all my passwords and fill the login form every time. Thanks to the password manager, to save my time by managing my login information. However this password manager is also available in Google Chrome, but I miss master password option. This master password make it more secure.

Google Chrome as Stress Buster
You may not believe, but it's true. Sometimes I use Google Chrome as stress buster, by playing with the tabs. Making a new window from tabs by dragging and merging many windows to a single window is worth of fun!

Once I found Google Chrome stopped responding. But the problem was not with the application. I guess it's is due to excess heat of my hard disk. All other applications also joined Google Chrome to stop responding! It forced me to shutdown my system forcefully and give it some rest.

Please share your experience with Google Chrome and other browsers.

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Connected Indians : A Movement to Connect all Indians

Intel launched a fresh campaign, better to say a movement to connect all Indians, called Connected Indians.

Can a billion Indians get connected?

The Connected Indians movement aims to be the catalyst for delivering the power of the Internet into the hands of a billion Indians. Intel is privileged to facilitate this effort, but its success will hinge on spirited public and private participation. Over the next few months we will mobilize people, resources & infrastructure to facilitate Internet adoption. Overtime, this collaboration will help build partnerships between people, Industries and stakeholders via a complete and connected ecosystem to accelerate the growth of internet and its benefits to the society.

There are so many companies partnered with Intel for this campaign.

If you want to be a part of this campaign, then please visit: Connected Indians.

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Red Green Yellow Blue

When I was in school I watched on news that the flag of Microsoft Windows was waving over the Microsoft building. It was looking nice, a flag with 4 colors: Red Green Yellow Blue. Later I came to know that this is the logo of Windows.

After some years, I came to know about Google. And its logo was so simple. Google written in Blue, Red, Yellow, Blue again, Green and Red again. Again those 4 colors as Windows.

Other Microsoft products has also similar color combination: Windows Media Player, Visual Studio, the .net logo.

Like wise other Google service and product such as Gmail and Google Chrome has similar color combination.

Sometimes I think, is this a formula to success! ;)

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jetAudio Information Viewer now shows Amazon Video on demand

Today when I opened jetAudio, it's information viewer opened. And unlike the google ads it was showing before(link), it showed something new. And this is Amazon Video on demand. It's a better idea to display Amazon Video on demand, as jetAudio is associated with audio and video. But the size of jetAudio Information Viewer is smaller than the web page which shows Amazon Video on demand and the resizing of that window is disabled. I think in the later version they will fix this; either they will increase the default size of window or enable resizing. However the first idea is better.

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Search results for neri - Orkut Search Error

I searched for the term "neri" on Orkut. And I got some results which I can't believe myself and I am clueless about this error. It lists me as the first result, followed by my friends and our hair color and eye color display as neri. After my friends it is listing other members. Please have a look at the snapshot.

I tested this for other terms, but all are working fine. I researched this term again and again, still I did not get any change in the result.

One request to all visitors: Please search for this term and post your comments here.

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MyHeritage Celebrity Look-alikes : Orkut Apps

Thanks to Madhuri, I found her added this application to her orkut profile. Do I need to say that the application is MyHeritage Celebrity Look-alikes?

Application info
With MyHeritage Celebrity Look-alikes you can discover your celeb twin amongst thousands of top celebrities using your Picasa photos or the photos on your disk. Post your celebrity match on your profile, see your friends’ celebrity look-alikes, and vote on the best matches of all time. makes it easier for people around the world to use the power of the Internet to strengthen their bonds with family and friends.

There is a flood of applications in orkut. After a long time I found this application useful and funny also. This application welcomes you with a page where you can vote some pair of matches (one person and a celebrity) with a meter numbered 1 to 10. There is a option to create your own matches. You can use photos already uploaded to your picasa album or upload from your system. Then it will scan your photos and detect your face. I like this part of the application. It does great. It also informs you honestly that it is unable to detect the face in some photos in case of low quality photos, face not towards the camera, eyes are not not open and sunglasses are on. You can't select the area on your photos. It's automatic face detection. Then it matches with celebrity photos as per your selected image. It shows you top 5 choices and the percentage of match it found. You have to choose one and this is open for other users to vote.

You can add as many as look alikes and delete this. And you can also vote for the look alikes created by you.

One problem I found with it is that some "look alikes" are coming most of the times to get a vote, whereas I have voted for them. This should come again and again. If I voted for some combination, then I should not able to vote it again.

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Evolution of Logos of Popular Companies

Have a look at the evolution of logos of some popular companies.



Firefox and Firebird/Phoenix










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Introducing the all-new CNET! - Where is the content?

CNET introduced its new user interface, with a great design and some features like, Improved search, Simplified navigation, Enlarged carousel, Popular topics, Podcasts and blogs, Inside CNET. But it made a mistake by placing a reference to its all-new features to the right of the main content of the page (article or post) and the content gets squeezed (see the picture bellow).

Where the main content got squeezed and the side bar contents get a lot more space unnecessarily.

It happened like this. I landed on the page and looking for the main contents and spent 10 minutes to confirm about the content, which I misjudged as some small tips like content, where that was the actual content I was looking for.

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