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Now Control Your Gtalk Status from Orkut

Update: Now you can chat in Gtalk inside Orkut as you do inside Gtalk
Control Your Gtalk Status from Orkut
Orkut introduced a new feature to control your Gtalk status (available, busy, invisible and offline) and also Orkut online status if you are not logged on to Gtalk. If you are also logged on in Gtalk, the change you make at Orkut interface will immediately applied to your Gtalk. Only one exception is if you make your status as offline at Orkut interface, you will not be logged out from Gtalk and no changes will be there. If you are using Gtalk IM software for Gtalk, then the invisible will not work, as Gtalk (IM windows client) does not support invisible feature.

And if you are not logged into Gtalk, you can also change your status. If you have opened Orkut page and busy with other page, then after some interval, it will automatically goes idle.

Control Your Gtalk Status from Orkut - Header bar
You can change this status below your profile photo in your home page and at the header bar near your email address. However Gtalk Video and Voice symbol not works here.

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