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Make a list larger than you can think

Google Sets is a service from Google Lab, which creates a list or set for you from a set of few items. There are two options: to get a Large set or a Small set (15 items or fewer). As per example if you want to create a list of search engines and you know a few, just type those few items and Google Sets will create a Larger set or list of many search engines. Another example if you provide one or more names of Bollywood actors, then it will list so many actors' names, and some terms related to these.

However, I found some terms which is not related to the set you want to create, in the set of all Bollywood actors, the terms India, Mumbai, Britney Spears, Angelina Jolie are OK, but what "html guider" is doing here? Also it's not difficult to filter out these odds out manually from the set. And I believe people will find many innovative ways to use it.

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