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Have You Saved 9-77-33-00000 in Your Mobile or Not

Get cricket scores, Indian Railways train schedules & ticket status, horoscopes, movie showtimes, restaurant information and more ...all through SMS on your phone.

Yes, this is a free service from Google Mobile. You will not be charged any premium charge for this. Only you will have to pay the local SMS charge to send the SMS, which is very less as per your plan. (Max Re 1 in some mobiles, else very cheap in other plans, some has also free SMS facility). There are few services available from the mobile operators and other service providers who charge you to give you information. Now forget those use Google SMS.

When you need any information on the go,just type the keywords and send to 9-77-33-00000. Such as Pizza near your area, movie timing, train schedule, railway pnr status or any other info.

Don't use this to search regular queries as you do it at Google search. Else you will get no result and your money will be lost for sending that SMS. So visit this page and have some experiment there with their interactive demo, to know it better. e.g. if you search for cricket, you can get live cricket scores, but if you search for football, it will not return any result. So, don't forget to save 9-77-33-00000 to your mobile phone book, do it now!

Google is available as a word, in most dictionaries, which explains about the Google search or Google company. But not google (starts with small g). This is same for the dictionary of Mozilla Firefox. And I also find it in T9 dictionary of my mobile phone (Sony Ericsson K 790i).

I found that many people complain regarding that their mobile operators are charging more money than standard (treated as local in general) SMS tariff. RIM is charging Rs 3, where Airtel (local SMS 50 paisa, National Re 1 and International Rs 3) charging Rs 1.50 paisa. Please share your experience with it.

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