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How people rate themselves in a meter

You must be knowing about rating yourself in a meter. Suppose, you are facing an interview and the interviewer asked you rate your knowledge in aTech (aTech is a dummy name for a subject, given as example) form 10. Now it's your turn to say how much you know in aTech, considering the total aTech as 10. Consider there are 100 features (according to your knowledge, may be ) in aTech and you are expert in 88s of them, then you will rate yourself 8.8/10. But the question raises here, are you sure that there are 100 features in aTech? And you know 88% of the real aTech? There may be 143 features or even more. But as you said you know 88% of aTech, and in real there are 147 features, then you should know 130 functions. And the person who is taking your interview, how will he rate you from your answer? If he knows clearly about 47 features and thinks there are 50 features in total, then he will rate himself as 9.4 and consider his knowledge is more than you, in fact he knows less than you. And at the other side, if he knows about 100 features and thinks there are 125 features, then rates himself as 8 and consider that he know less than you, in fact he knows more than you. So do you think this method of self rating anyone's knowledge is a valid one?

For the reason described above, I don't like to rate myself in that meter, but I have one strong point in support of this, i.e. self confidence, it only shows how confident you are. This post may be confusing.

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