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I miss Full Screen Option in Google Chrome - Post One Month Review

It's around one month, since Google Chrome released. Soon after release it had taken 2% of browser market. I also like most of the features in it. I have switched some special site visiting to Google Chrome. I found difficulty while downloading some files in Mozilla Firefox 3. Every time it used to get corrupted. I used Google Chrome for downloading those files and found the downloaded files are OK. So some of my http downloads are now managed by Google Chrome.

Now I prefer to watch sites with rich flash contents in Google Chrome. YouTube, (a movie booking website created in flash, it takes much time to load on a slow connection) and official movie websites, etc. fall under this category. One week back I visited the official movie website of Kidnap. There I found the website needs vertical scroll. To view it better, I thought to make it full screen. But I did not find the option to make Google Chrome full screen. I could not believe it easily, so I searched it for a long time, still did not find (If I am wrong, then please inform me).

I use Mozilla Firefox for most of the websites need authentication. It's now difficult for me to remember all my passwords and fill the login form every time. Thanks to the password manager, to save my time by managing my login information. However this password manager is also available in Google Chrome, but I miss master password option. This master password make it more secure.

Google Chrome as Stress Buster
You may not believe, but it's true. Sometimes I use Google Chrome as stress buster, by playing with the tabs. Making a new window from tabs by dragging and merging many windows to a single window is worth of fun!

Once I found Google Chrome stopped responding. But the problem was not with the application. I guess it's is due to excess heat of my hard disk. All other applications also joined Google Chrome to stop responding! It forced me to shutdown my system forcefully and give it some rest.

Please share your experience with Google Chrome and other browsers.

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