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MyHeritage Celebrity Look-alikes : Orkut Apps

Thanks to Madhuri, I found her added this application to her orkut profile. Do I need to say that the application is MyHeritage Celebrity Look-alikes?

Application info
With MyHeritage Celebrity Look-alikes you can discover your celeb twin amongst thousands of top celebrities using your Picasa photos or the photos on your disk. Post your celebrity match on your profile, see your friends’ celebrity look-alikes, and vote on the best matches of all time. makes it easier for people around the world to use the power of the Internet to strengthen their bonds with family and friends.

There is a flood of applications in orkut. After a long time I found this application useful and funny also. This application welcomes you with a page where you can vote some pair of matches (one person and a celebrity) with a meter numbered 1 to 10. There is a option to create your own matches. You can use photos already uploaded to your picasa album or upload from your system. Then it will scan your photos and detect your face. I like this part of the application. It does great. It also informs you honestly that it is unable to detect the face in some photos in case of low quality photos, face not towards the camera, eyes are not not open and sunglasses are on. You can't select the area on your photos. It's automatic face detection. Then it matches with celebrity photos as per your selected image. It shows you top 5 choices and the percentage of match it found. You have to choose one and this is open for other users to vote.

You can add as many as look alikes and delete this. And you can also vote for the look alikes created by you.

One problem I found with it is that some "look alikes" are coming most of the times to get a vote, whereas I have voted for them. This should come again and again. If I voted for some combination, then I should not able to vote it again.

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