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Why not to forward Spam mails?

You must have got some mails like, someone is suffering from a disease, or someone lost her/his hand or something similar and if you do so, Yahoo or Orkut or someone will pay money if you forward this mail. And sometimes people send some mail if you will forward this mail to 20 friends, Microsoft will gift you $500, like so many offers. And this is from Thirupathy Balaji, if you forward to 21 friends, then you will be lucky. What do people do generally, just forward to their contacts.

The question comes, where do these emails originates? And why people send these spams? How they got benefited? And the simple answer from me is: some sweets spams for bitter spams. When you forward your email to someone or more, you type their email addresses at To, or CC, and very rarely BCC. When your friend forwards this mail, this contains all the email addresses to whom you have sent the same email. In this way the email will reach at the originator or creator of the sweet spam as world is round, so as World Wide End (more complex connections, not simply round as world), will so many email addresses. In this way they will get so many email addresses and spam to them. This is the reason, whenever you surprise to see one spam in your mail box and thinking how do these spammers get my email id?

So my friend, never forward such nonsense sweet spams.

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