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XRAY : Xray any webpage

XRAY is a JavaScript tool, which is provided by westciv for free, is an useful tool for web designers, web developers and some adventurous people who like the web. Using this tool you can get all the information about page elements and their properties at a ease, without looking at the source code. The data which you can get from this tool are, name of the element, id, class, inheritance hierarchy, position, border, margin and padding. In inheritance hierarchy you can get the the path to that element from the body tag of html. This is like: html > body > div > div > ul > li > a (example). In position you can get top, left, width, height and float values. In border and padding, you can get top, left, width, height values too. Please see this picture to know how it looks.

You can get this tool here. In that page you will get one gray box with XRAY written on it, just drag that to the bookmarks bar of your browser, if you are using mozilla firefox. If you are using Internet explorer, the write click on that box and choose "Add to favorites..." from the menu and save it in your favorite folder. In Opera, you can drag or just choose the regular bookmark option.

How to use XRAY
It is quite simple, just open any website and click on the XRAY bookmark or link. It will load the tool and you can click on any element on the web page to know its properties. You can also navigate through the inheritance hierarchy. To close this just click on the close link of the tool or reload the page.
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