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Beta Trend in World Wide Web

Beta means the final testing version of any product, of course software application. After testers finished their testing, the company releases the product for a real time user exposure. From my personal experience I will say there are very less products with out any bug (I believe none, if it is 100% bug free, then you will find some limitations). And finding out bugs is like luck, not all testers can find out all the bugs of any application. So when any user will use beta application, if he/she will find any bug and report it, then the application can release with lesser bugs. The products which are proprietary products become available for free to use for a limited time, e.g. Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, the beta was available in 2007. Not only beta, now some companies are using series of beta versions for there convince. It is most appropriate for products developed by a community, e.g. Mozilla Firefox version 3.0 beta 5. Because after getting fixed some issues, they release the next version.

That was about beta versions, now let's discuss about beta versions of web sites and web applications. I don't know which web site started as beta, but remember Orkut was beta 2 years back and now also same beta, no stable Orkut. Now Orkut has taken over by Google and adding more and more feature. The theme was very simple then, then became vary rich, now cool looking and beautiful. But there are many bugs still exists in Orkut, hope Google engineers for Orkut must be working hard to solve this. So the question is when Orkut will become stable and remove that beta tag. Well YouTube is not beta now, it was a year back. Gmail is still in beta. Meebo was first alpha, then beta and now stable. Many other websites are in beta, e.g. mginger, youmint and many more. Let's see when they become stable, but if any problem happens to your data or anything related, they can say it is just beta!

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