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Don't hesitate to have a Crush on Orkut

Have a crush on Orkut or you have a friend who is also your crush, then don't hesitate to add him/her to your crush list. If he/she don't have a crush on you, then it is ok, neither of you have any problem, but he/she have also the crush on you and he/she also already added or if he/she will add you in future, then you both will get a crush match notification. So why hesitate and start adding your crush to your crush list.
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Update (31 May 2008)
Long time ago, I used to get many messages and scraps to run some code, so that I can see who have added me to their crush list. What the script does it adds all your friends to your crush list and if anyone added you to her/his crush list, then definitely you will get notification for matched crush. No magic here, only logic.

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