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Is this a worm or the script you run in Orkut?

I got one message saying this:

if anyone gets a scrap with this content
Heya !!
how are you??
Do you know there was a profile in news last night

link :- click here

The about me of This Profile Is Superb.

PLEASE DELETE IT.. ITS A SELF REPLICATING WORM, WITH VERY LESS HASH TIME. even if you dont click it chances are that it'll self replicate within minutes of ur online session


People think that this is a worm and replicating itself. But this is not what happens right there. When you will click on the link, it will take you to the community home page, where you will find a JavaScript and it is asked there to run this script in the address bar of your browser where you browse Orkut. Generally in this script there will be another source of JavaScript, in a file in a server other than Orkut. And when you will run that script, it can access your browsers session and cookies and can do what ever it can do according to the script. It can post scraps to all of your friends in your list, it can also delete them all or can hijack your session, so that the hacker can access the advantage as you logged in. This is the script which replicates the scraps in your list, when you run it, not the worm.
You will also get some scraps to send scraps to all friends in the list. But never do that. Don't run any script in the address bar unless you understand it. Be secure yourself.
If you want any good scraps, testimonials and photo scraps for Orkut, then please visit :: Scraps, Testimonials and more ...
I am thinking to read those scripts and analyze what actually they do. Then I will modify it and host in my server, and I will give you assurance that it will not make any problem for you. But, what I actually need is, I am not getting enough time to do all these. Please inspire me by giving your comments and linking back to this blog.

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