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Oh! so many spams!

What mail I got everyday, 30% of them news letters, etc. subscribed mails, 20% of them are spams, 20% of them are actual emails and rest 30% are forwarded sweet spam (chained emails). I call this sweet spam, because we all like to read them, forward them (including the person which has sent you this). The similar content as one mail comes to us in different different avatars and flavors. Some continues for years also. And you will find the birth day some baba or god 365 days in the year. If you will forward to this to x people, you will get Microsoft and if you avoid your computer will become a calculator like this. This girl has lost her both hands and if you will forward this then Orkut or Yahoo will give her 10 paisa for her treatment etc. I don't know how and why Orkut and Yahoo will track this and give anyone 10 paisa per message. I got irritated by these spams. I was just deleting messages in Orkut (where 99% messages are spam), I found one message from someone special, then I had a look to that message. It was very interesting. Have a look to it.

Lost my HB pencil with a rubber attached. The pencil costs Rs.3/.
Orkut has agreed to give me one paisa if you forward this scrap(1 paisa per scrap).
If you have heart and want to help a poor child in need, plz fwd it to atleast 10 friends.
Please don't neglect.
Otherwise my dad will scold me. If you forward this then your life will change for ever.
Your dream will come true tonight at 11.55.
If u dont forward, u'll fail in ur exams

Once I made a request to not to send those chained sweet spams to me and send this message to all my contacts. And I found that it had forwarded to me and became a chained message!

This spam mails and messages are not only wastes bandwidth and space, also wastes our valuable time. So, please never spread spam.

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