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Crazy Thinking : Video as Orkut Profile Photo

Recently I was checking my statistics and found that someone has visited this blog by searching these terms in google, "how to keep video in place of prfile photo in orkut.". Well this facility is not available in Orkut, so don't look for this. However you can find some javascript code, which will tell you that, if you run this script on your browser's address bar, then you can display any video instead of profile photo. Don't do that, it will hack your session, and using this session the hacker can get access to your user id. To know more about session hijacking about orkut, please visit this. Wait, in that post, I have not given more information about session hijacking, but given one example, how people attract and scare you using this concept.

SQL or Script Injections in Orkut

Well it is not possible to replace a video for image, and if the people behind Orkut want to add this feature, they can add definitely, but this will not be a good move. As of now, most of the Orkut users are using the photos of celebrities, pets, cute babies and other photos as their profile photo. However it is meant for personal picture. How can we expect that people will upload there videos?

And Orkut uses the thumbnails of various sizes of your profile image to show at other places such as friends list, messages, scraps, testimonial, recent updates etc. So video can never replace image. However it can add one feature to add your activity video to the profile. It can be displayed near about me. But now, what you can do is, upload your video to youtube or google video and add it to Orkut.

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