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Computer Games for Snooker

Cue Club is one of the best computer pool games. Here we can play US 8-ball, Uropian 8-ball, 9-ball and snooker also. This ganme has good picture[light & smoke] effect. But b' care for your eyes. You can play single game, 2 player game, tournament and play in the bars also(there are 8 such bars). Primarily you are the standard member of one bar and having 1* reputation.when you will have 5* reputation play eith the boss and defeat, You will get silver membership of that bar and get the standard membership of another bar. Your reputation will be pemanently 3*. By winning one tournament you can get 3* and the cup (there are 9 cups). If you will runners up the get 1*. Play it.

Download the demo here

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