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How to remove or delete labels from your blogspot or blogger blog

Created some more labels? Now it must be going lengthy in the menu. Need to remove/delete some unused or unnecessary labels? You must be searching in blogger control panel to find out the option to remove/delete a label. But there is no such option. But you can easily remove/delete this. What you have to do is remove that label by editing from each post that label has. To do it quickly or more easily, go to blogger, login, on your dashboard click on the Posts link of the blog. Now click on the label you want to delete. It will list all the post containing that label. Now select all and in "Label Actions..." drop down select Remove Label -> The Label you want to delete. Now this label will be deleted. This is the easiest method to delete or remove any label.

If you want to know how to edit any label in blogger, then visit this link:
How to edit any label in Blogger

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Mecah said...

Thanks a lot for posting this. I simply did not notice this feature of removing labels. I had almost started removing the labels one-by-one.

Would you be willing to add my blog to your blogroll. I would be glad to do the same for your blog.
My blog is

You could label it Shubhspace

Tell me what should I label your blog as so that I can add it at the earliest.

rajesh said...

thanks for the tip.
it is working
rajesh n
my blog

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