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Found another Bug in Orkut : Profile Views

This bug I have seen before, but did late in posting. Well as I have created my Orkut account in February 2006, it shows Profile Views since Feb '06. But the interesting point is it is showing this 12, where last week the number of my profile visitors is 8. This means, if Orkut is correct, my profile is visited by 4 users since Feb 2006 to March 6, 2008. Means in around two years, my profile is visited by 4 users. But I have currently 262 friends, 1224 scraps and 40 fans. How only 12 people has visited me since Feb '06?

Have a look to the snap shot:

I will try to keep updated statistics for this bug. And I request you to post your comment on this and what is your profile view statistics.

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Debiprasad...The SmartIcon said...

Today Kama told me that Orkut has fixed this bug. I did not marked this and I also found that this is fixed. And he says Orkut has fixed this bug before a long time and may be they have seen this post ;)

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