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Found Bug in Orkut

I was just Orkuting (Think orkut is a verb :-)), and found something, in my idea, I will call them bug. I landed on the profile of a very beautiful girl, and I wanted to say her that she is very beautiful. When I tried to scrap her, due to her privacy settings, it showed: no scraps from you and You can only see the scraps you sent to **Her Name** . There was no option to scrap her, but I can only see the scraps you sent to her! If I can't scrap her, how can I see the same? Well, I am wrong here. It may happen like this, if I would have scraped before she changed the settings, then I can only see the scraps you sent to her. But the second point, which I am going to say now, is a definitely a bug. Here I am not going to defend. This is not a critical issue and not going to make any problem, if not fixed. Well, I found there: "first | <> | last" links and these are working fine. But my questions is what is the need of this? When there is no scraps from me to display, then what is the need of the paging.
I am not as good the those peoples at Google. This is what I think, I posted. Please give me your comments.
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Update (31 May 2008)
Today I came to know why so? Actually the paging used in that page is according to number of total scraps. However you can see only your scraps. Suppose there is no such settings and you can see all scraps, and your scrap is in 2nd page, after 10 recent scraps. So you need to go to 2nd page to see your scrap. Now suppose this setting is on. Now you can see the your scrap only. Still according to wrong logic used in this module, your scrap is in second page and you can see your scrap if you will click on next page.

This bug is due to they are providing total number of scraps as a parameter to the logic which builds the paging. Instead, they should provide number of scraps you have made. Well this is the solution to this bug. Now if developers @ Orkut can read this then it is easy for them to fix this bug.

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