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One more from Orkut

Well, I can't say this a bug. Because, it is my mistakes to consider everything as bug. As Sanat said, these are the limitations of his application, not bugs, when I pointed some limitations of his php exam application. It took some time and a chat war between us, to convince me that those are the limitations, not bug. So, why should I call everything odd in Orkut as bug?
When it is not available you will call it as limitation. When it is wrong, you will call it is bug. But when it is there, but not required, what will you call? Don't know what should I call it. Please suggest me a word for this.
The member which as 0 friends and 0 communities, but you will find the link to see all. Check this photo and you will understand this.

Please send me your comments, and don't forget to suggest me a word for this.

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