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Advantage of Adding Blog Roll

You must have seen blog rolls in most of the blogs. Blog rolls are the list of links to the blogs which you visit or read on a regular basis. The concept behind blog roll is to recommend your visitors or readers to those blogs. Links in blog roll has some more advantage than just any link. This is because when any reader reads your blog and if he\she likes it, he\she would also like the blogs which you refer. As per my personal experience, I found that people don't care about other links, however they can see your link as most recommended. But when they find your link in a blog roll they will click on it to read. It is completely psychological. A person who is reading blog will like to read the blogs in blog roll. So if you find any blog useful ad this to your blog roll and ask that blogger to add your. But it depends upon that blogger, that he/she will found your blog useful or not.
I am posting this because I got visits from the blog roll of Shubhspace, into which my blog was added recently, where as I have not got any visitors form a website, where I have done link exchange. So I say, blog roll concept is better than link exchange. However blog roll is one kind of link exchange.

If you like my blog and want to add this in your blog roll, then please contact me. I will also add your blog to my blog roll if I like your.

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