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Symonds should be thankful :: Google Treands : monkey vs Symonds

Yesterday it come to my mind to check who is great, monkey or Symonds. I take the help of google trends. I compared monkey with Symonds. And there is always unbeatable challenge by monkey, and Symonds is not near by also. Then I narrowed the result for last 30 days. See, the result, still monkey rules over Symonds. Have a look to the snaps.

Now click on it to enlarge, and see the area marked with green border. Here you can see that the demand of Symonds increased after he compared himself with great monkey. Of course, it helped him to rule over monkey on news reference volume. See the next image for more info.

Click on this to enlarge, and you can see Australia is on 2nd position when compared according to Regions and ranked by monkey, and Sydney is at 3rd position when compared according to City and ranked by monkey. If we rank this by symonds, both will come first. Still Symonds can not beat monkey in Australia or Sydney. Monkey is always hot favorite.
So, in my opinion he should be thankful, after all Australia is the second country to love monkeys.

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