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Quick Corrency Converter :: Google

Do you want to convert any currency to another. So take the quickest way. It's nothing but our favorite search engine, Google. Learn how: There is one specific format for this. You have to use this format always. And don't forget this combination (I always forget this).
Value From_Currency in To_Currency.
Value: Value (number) which you want to convert. (e.g. 100)
From_Currency: The currency from which you want to convert. (e.g. USD)
To_Currency: The currency to which you want to convert. (e.g. INR)
So, you have to type 100 USD in INR in the google search text box. You can type it in any case (100 usd in inr), so that you can save your time. It will give you the result
100 U.S. dollars = 3 963.37838 Indian rupees

Some more you can do in Google for currency also.
currency of UK in Indian money will return

1 British pound = 77.8962388 Indian rupees

5 British pounds in South Korean money
will return

5 British pounds = 9 288.27977 South Korean won

This one is more interesting. Here it is the combination of Calculator and Currency converter.
2.2 USD per gallon in INR per litre will return

2.2 (U.S. dollars per US gallon) = 23.0343035 Indian rupees per litre

So, save your time and be powerful with the power of google

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