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Manage Twitter and Identica together

I was at OSI Tech Days and heard about Identica - a microblogging service (like twitter), which runs Laconica - The Open Microblogging Tool. Thought to have a trial and found it cool. I registered myself using an OpenId and got started. I found some features are really cool at Identica.

It provides you a service URL Auto-shortening, with an option of 8 services to choose from. It also included none, if you don't like to shorten any url.

A label at Identica Automatically subscribe to whoever subscribes to me (best for non-humans) is humorous and also a fact. This auto follow is never a behavior of any human. I found difficulty while choosing my timezone. I think timezone need to be sorted according to difference from GMT and should have difference mentioned there.

How to Manage Twitter and Identica together?
Now let me come to the this point as the title suggests. I will tell you about some features of Identica and some other tools, the way I discovered this way.

There is a settings option for your twitter account (Wow! it shows twitter's popularity), where you can provide your twitter account. By providing your twitter account, it automatically sends your notices to Twitter, and subscribe to Twitter friends already here. Something really funny happens here. If your reply someone at Identica, after updating this at Twitter (automatically), the reply may refer to other guy with similar id at twitter. I may cause some embarrassing situations. I got lucky, I have similar id at both places. However this option enables you to update Identica and twitter at a time.

Let's think about any third party tool for Identica, we have loads of option for twitter. I have not spend any time for searching such tools for Identica. But there is an IM Settings option, where you can set your Jabber/Gtalk id and post and receive updates. I found this feature cool and started using it. I update using my Gtalk client and it updates Identica, and Identica updates twitter.

Again I found a third party tool:, which has many applications on it's network list. I selected twitter, Identica and my Gtalk status to be updated via Not feeling good to come to the web interface to post my updates. And found that, I can use Gtalk to update, similarly I used for Identica (However, they style of operation is bit different). Now if I want to update both twitter and Identica, I can just update to Pingbot via Gtalk. I am using as it also updates my Gtalk status (however fails sometimes to update my gtalk status), else I have another option to update Identica from my Gtalk.

One important thing is that, when I use, it updates both Identica and tweeter and at this case Identica does not to twitter, so it prevents duplicate posts at twitter. I think, Identica tries to update twitter, but twitter refuses as the duplicate content of most recent post. You can turn off the twitter settings at Identica, if you are using any third party tool to update both at a same time.

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Update 15 March
Now I am using Twhirl. It runs on Adobe Air. I am able to update either twitter or Identica with (you can set your account to update with any of these account: twitter or Identica). So if you are updating twitter, will update Identica. Similarly if you are updating Identica, will update twitter.

To reduce unnecessary wastage of requests, I did some changing in Connect settings of Identica. Now my Identica is not sending any message to Gtalk and not updating twitter also.

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