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YouTube helped to verify phone number

The world knows YouTube as a video sharing website. But the title of this post says something different. Sounds interesting?

One of my friend need to verify his phone number for a website registration process. And the verification process was quite different. You will get a call on your phone from the website and after receiving the call you need to press # key confirming that you were expecting that call. Then you need to speak a number (one digit at a time) shown the website. Remember, you need to speak the number (you don't have to type the number) and the IVR will recognize the number from your voice and match the number with the number shown on the website.

Day 1, Take 1
First call came and we made a mistake by not speaking the number, instead we typed the number. And it was obvious that it should be failed.

Day 1, Take 2
This time I spoke the number one by one. And the IVRS said it's incorrect. There were three chances in that call to spoke the number. I ended up with failed verification.

Day 1, Take 3
The same story as take 2. Now we have used maximum number of attempts for the day.

Day 2, Take 1
A new day and new beginning. Before the verification process, we discussed a bit on this. I said it may the problem with my accent. (I had the youtube idea on the mind.) This time my friend said he will speak the number. So now he tried to speak that number and ended with the failed verification result.

Day 2, Take 2
Now I forced on the youtube idea. The idea was simple, there is an option for audio preview of the comment you want to post. So my idea was to put the number (each digit separated by space/comma/newline, so that it'll read it one digit at a time) in the text area and click on the audio preview button. While doing this, we need to keep the mic of phone near the computer speaker. But the the audio preview was bit fast than we expected, so a little worry was in my mind. However we tried it and get success to verify the phone number.

My friend says that I got an intelligent brain inside, but I give the credit to YouTube.

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