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When I used to want to buy a laptop or help any friend to buy a laptop, what I was doing is going to (as my first preference is Dell), then search for some hp or Compaq laptops, and some other good brands like Acer etc. Then write all the specifications, price, etc. on a paper or fill in a spread sheet. Then time to compare on the paper or spread sheet. Again, search for any user review or comments. Too much difficult and takes a lot of time. Time is money, why should not we save this time and spend this money on the laptop?

After these difficult days, I found It's quite cool. I setup my budget, the other requirements and it listed out all the laptops available on market and all the information are provided at a managed manner, more better than what I used to on paper or spread sheet. This also includes the products rated by Digit Test Center (Digit is the most popular technology magazine of India). And when there are some hot deals, why will anyone want to miss them? For example, BenQ has announced that the new Joybook Lite U101 will be sold in India at an introductory price of Rs. 24500. The best thing is that you can know about the street price of every model, so no more bargain, to get at right price.

However is limited to Laptop now, soon it's coming with other products. Waiting for that day.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this info. I searched for below-20k laptops and found 8 results. Though only 1 had price mentioned, but still good to see the options.

You have started producing good, usable posts. Switch to your own domain+hosted Wordpress blog. The sooner you will do it the less you will regret.

Debiprasad said...

Thanks for reading :P is really a good service.

Thanks for boosting my moral. As you know, domain name + hosting + wp installation + theme is ready. I want to do some modification in theme and wp settings. And most likely in July I will start posting regularly there.

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