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These days, I want to send one parcel to US, so I wanted to know the estimated time and cost for the shipping. Some of the parcel services came into my mind, UPS, FedEx, DHL, TNT etc. I am looking for a cheaper solution, but can't go with India Post, because of complexity of custom process, however this option seems to be the cheapest option.

First I tried to estimate at UPS, and the results I got is unbelievable. It shows less price (INR 2xxx) for the best service they have, which is even less than the cheapest solution from them. When I clicked there to see in detail, it says the actual price (INR 6xxx). Wherever I mentioned INR here, is INR in actual, but the website shows it as USD. If someone thinks about USD 6,265.88 to send a parcel of 7lbs (3.5 Kg, approx), the lips only utters 'WTF?'.

Now it's time to check FedEx. However, I found it's easy to estimate, but there is only one option, one plan.

Now I moved to DHL. Whereas the global website looks good, the India website does not look good and it's full of broken links and many things which does not work. Having a website with good looking yellow color, bad looking design and no information which you need, is what DHL India website.

At last I checked at TNT. Very easy to navigate to get the estimate for shipping. And the price is even low as compared to other services. So now thinking to choose TNT to ship. Let's see what happens next?

So if you are some business and have a website, the website is for providing information about your business, not to have it on your business card only. Some business have a domain name, which they primarily use for email id, and just put something to fill the website for domain. It's important to provide useful information about your business, which need to be easily accessible. Easily accessible means the the user can easily get what they need, a better navigation, easy to understand layout. Accessible also means, that search engines find it easy to index, so that your website come in the top results when anyone searches the information which your business provides. And why do anyone shy to say what she says? And when you have some competitors, then it becomes more important to provide the perfect information easily and win your customer.

Which service do you like and suggest? Do you have any bad or good experience with shipping something?

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