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Theft on the web and Brand awareness

Recently I found The Markup Dude changed his portfolio design. Then I came to know that someone (a front-end developer from 2006) stolen the design and put it on his portfolio. This worried Deb (the dude) and he changes his portfolio design. See this image for the original and copycat.

Deb tried to put that design off from that site. So he emailed that guy and some of his clients about this theft. And it worked! That guy changed his portfolio design. So it became a winning story for Deb.

Now come to the second part - the brand awareness. Your design is popular, this means you have the potential for a brand. A in case of Deb, his design is already featured in many css and design showsites (I coin showsites = showcases + websites). That guy who copied it must have got this from any of those showsites. This implies that the design is good and popular. When I think about, that particular design comes into my mind and when I think about The Mobile Store, that red color poly-bag comes into my mind.

There are few blogs who provide their theme for free download, so that admirers of that blog design can use this on their blogs (wordpress or blogger). This helps them to build their brand. Anyways, the design of your website affects your brand in a big way. So what do you think about the "Worry of Deb on design theft"? Does anyone can share the brand value or add more importance to the it by coping the design? Anywhere on the web you will see any bird, do you think about twitter? And what comes to your mind, when you see a whale (of course failed!)?

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